Tuesday 15 October 2019

Has the Establishment decided to trigger (partial) collapse of The System, now?

It seems possible. The 'demands' of the current (Establishment-created, funded, organised and approved) 'Environmentalism' protests are such that they would cause rapid and irreversible collapse of the world economy with the deaths of several billions.

But this isn't a new strategy. The officially-advocated combination of open-borders and mass immigration from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia to the developed nations would have done the same already, had not these been slowed-up (somewhat) by mass resistance. Other examples could be adduced.

It looks as if there is a desire to trigger collapse of The System; and yet at the same time The System is the means by which the Establishment monitor and control the masses. So I assume that the apparent desire to cause total and irreversible collapse is not genuine. What seems to be aimed at is to begin a collapse; and then stop it part way - while the technological and organisational mechanisms of population-control remain intact.

My assumption, therefore, is that They are playing a high risk 'game' by which they wish to trigger the beginnings of a collapse sufficient to lead to mass demands for an openly and explicitly authoritarian global government of mass surveillance and micro-management.

This would fit with the fact that the Extinction Rebellion activist 'demands' are quoting official United Nations policy documents; and therefore these are policies that all the Western governments have already 'signed-up' for. Even if it seems like a novelty; this is a long-planned strategy for Them.

The Establishment are able - routinely - calculatedly to create social crises and then successfully to deny their obvious real causes in order to implement further authoritarian oppression (what David Icke terms Problem-Reaction-Solution).

A clear example is the huge and increasing London epidemic of murder, mostly stabbings, caused by the officially mandated policy of enforcing a massive, open-ended and increasing influx of (on average) violent immigrants. Thus was the problem created.

The public have reacted with fear, as intended. But this predictable consequence of mass immigration from chronically violent nations is re-branded 'knife attacks' by the media-political complex (attacks by knives, presumably). The solution? An acceleration of the (already advanced) totalitarian agenda - which entails wholesale disarming of the peaceful majority population, confiscation of all potential defensive devices; leaving them helpless, afraid, angry, resentful, vengeful etc. Some will demand protection from The Authorities; those who react violently (even in defence) will be viciously oppressed by The Establishment.

For the Totalitarians, whether the population becomes despairing or resentful, it is a win-win scenario. Because, let us not forget that for The Establishment, this is a spiritual war. Totalitarianism - with control of information and behaviour - is a means to the end of that inversion of values which is the best way of inducing people to choose hell. 

I think it possible that massive social chaos is the intention of the Global Establishment - on a larger scale than has been attempted since World War Two. Instead of using international war as the rationalisation for totalitarianism, there would be a deliberate creation of economic collapse leading to starvation, disease and endemic local violence. This would surely lead to urgent calls that Something Must Be Done; and the plans for what will be done are ready.

At this point, the same people who caused the emergency would then offer to 'solve' it - with tough new measures, requiring tough new powers - by making the world into a single global totalitarian regime, with themselves in charge.

(Of course the problems will not be solved - bureaucracies never solve problems; but will be sustained and managed - so that the process may be continued: progressive ratcheting of social control.)

Will this work? Yes, probably it will work - since the mass of Western people are godless hedonists, hence weakly-motivated and short-termist, hence easily manipulated.

The Western masses have shown themselves unable to foresee even huge and immediate consequences of major and psychotic legal changes; such as 'hate crimes', same-sex-marriage and legal assertion of the reality of arbitrary sexual identity.

These have led to an ongoing total reorganisation of the entirety of all social institutions - large and small, official and voluntary, public and private; and a cancerous bureaucracy to monitor and manage the process of wholesale human corruption - especially focusing on the exploitation and psychological/ sexual/ physical abuse of (ever younger) children (because the human Establishment are themselves corrupted by and for such abuse).

What might stop the plan? Perhaps the most likely scenario is that once it has begun, the collapse would become self-propagating by a version of the domino effect; positive feedback mechanisms would begin to operate and - in sum - the collapse could not be 'contained' and could not be reversed.

The large majority of the world's seven billion people would then die, from the usual apocalyptic causes, over a timescale of months.

And the Establishment would thus (accidentally, by over-reach) destroy the technological and organisational means by which they intended to monitor and control the masses. The survivors would return to a multitude of small and local social forms; and historically 'normal service' would be resumed (assuming the planet remains habitable in parts).

This is a spiritual war we live in, and the root cause is spiritual. 

Atheism is a mental illness for individuals, and an atheist society is insane. For the past several decades; all developed societies have been atheist in public discourse and by public policy; and the effects are working-through.

No developed societies are willing to defend themselves, to sustain their culture, or to maintain their population fertility. It is official doctrine that life has no transcendent purpose, no permanent meaning; and that all morals, aesthetics and standards of truth are arbitrary, relativistic and expedient.

As long as this is the case, nothing can be done to save the developed world, because fundamentally the world does not want to be saved. And when The West collapses, it will bring down almost everybody else (since the ability to sustain seven billion people on a planet that naturally sustains only about one billion is entirely and irreplaceably due to Western technology and organisation).

So, the only other barrier to the success of the Establishment agenda would be if the developed nations became sane. This would mean that their populations chose, en masse, to embark upon a serious and significant religious revival.

Only then would the inversion of values and corruption of motivations be reversed; only then would common sense and natural, spontaneous human evaluations be restored to a position of strength and effectiveness.

Whether or not this would save the majority of the world's people from extinction is doubtful - probably the die is cast in that regard. But we all die biologically, sooner or later; and the most important thing over the long-term of eternity is how we have lived and died in a spiritual sense.

That is what is at stake.


William Wildblood said...

A brilliant essay, Bruce. It needs to be disseminated far and wide.

Francis Berger said...

What you have described here is perfectly feasible. A mass destabilization event of some kind does appear to be in the works. The severity of the upcoming economic meltdown should provide clues as to how bad things may actually get.

Ingemar said...

Dr. Charlton,

What are your thoughts on the latest developments in China? For us in the US, we've seen that our major sports and entertainment Establishment firms are all too eager to bend and break at the whims of the CCP. And the selective ignorance with which the environmentalist activists treat them is a very telling sign. To me, China represents the tyrannical pincer of the anarcho-tyrannical System under which we are all suffering.

Bruce Charlton said...

@I - I don't have any real thoughts - not least because I don't trust the sources.

But I think it is true that Christianity is growing very fast in China (I've read a couple of books on this, including one coauthored by Rodney Stark), a few percent a year perhaps; and there are probably about 100 million active Christians (more than in Europe).

So China has that positive aspect, whereas I don't see any positive trends in the UK, US, or Europe.

Also I don't think the Chinese rulers are purposefully and strategically destroying their nation; which is another plus for them.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - The last 'economic meltdown' was a bit of an awakening for me


I assume these recessions happen when it suits some people they should happen. On the other hand, national economies are clearly getting more and more inefficient, and this is bound to have a bad effect.

@William - thanks.

Adil said...

And because atheism is insane, the dichotomy between modern belief and atheism is fake. I think that they are different portrayals coming from the same closed, dogmatic mindset. Most believers are duped atheists who cling to God as a metaphysical notion in confined thought. But the world remains unspiritual, mundane, predictable, unenchanted, materialistic.. Fear is their only God!

Matthew T said...

Regarding China: I know well enough not to assume anything, certainly not to assume that things I think would be "good" are actually going to transpire (nor as a matter of fact that I am always correct about what would be "good"!), but with that disclaimer in mind, I suggest it may appear that China is next in line to be blessed by God as the next Christian superpower.

Even if true, I don't particularly relish that, myself, not being Chinese.

William Wildblood said...

What Eric says is very true. Many believers are just outer believers and look at the world in the same way as non-believers with the small difference they think there might be something afterwards. But if belief in God doesn't make you see both the world and yourself in a totally different light then it's just another theory.

Bruce Charlton said...

@MT - My natural inclination is to assume that China is overall superior to the West now; because the mainstream media are attacking China in a systematic way; similar to Russia (about which I know enough to realise that Russia is being attacked for its aspects of Goodness, not for its evils).

At the very least, this suggests that the West is worse than China in the areas being attacked - since the Leftist/ Media mindset is based on 'projection' (i.e. they model other people on the basis of their own nature, assuming that others are like themselves).

Of course this does not affect my patriotic love of England; but I am under few illusions as to the evil of the nation of the United Kingdom and its ruling class - and the fact that all our major policies (at home and abroad) are anti-Christian, anti-Good, pro-demonic, pro-systemic dishonesty, pro-ugliness etc.

Nationally, we (in The West) are indeed one of the most evil societies in the history of the world - in that we have officially adopted nihilism as our philosophy, and are restructuring in line with moral inversion.

It would therefore not be difficult for China to be less bad than The West, assuming they differ significantly enough to be significantly different at all.

Ingemar said...

I don't think we can congratulate ourselves about the relative "goodness" of China or its any-decade-now Christianization while they are profiting at the West's expense and continuing to persecute Christians.

Bruce Charlton said...

@I - I don't understand what you mean by congratulating 'ourselves' - doesn't seem to fit with what I said. And I'm not discussing economics, I'm making a spiritual evaluation.

It seems likely that a nation that started with near zero Christians in which Christianity is growing fast (and with apparently great zeal) despite decades of supression; is likely to be in a spiritually healthier state than a nation that used to be officially Christian but in in which Christianity has been collapsing for decades and is now at a very low ebb, and where the legally mandated persecution of Christians is increasing in severity on a monthly basis.

John Rockwell said...

@Bruce Charlton

What are your thoughts on Christianity in India and Africa?

Will there be a revival in the west?

Bruce Charlton said...

@JR - I'm really no expert on these matters - but i understand Christianity is strong in sub-Sahararan Africa (while haveing being almost obliterated in North Africa thanks to Western intervention in the past 15 years or so). I think it is also strong - albeit a small minority - in India. In the West? There are no signs of a revival now, and the likelihood seems small. And if not that means we will continue the path of self-hatred and self-destruction - either to totalitarian hell-on-earth, or utter collapse. .

Adil said...


If prejudiced atheism is insane, blind belief is equally so if the map doesn't correspond to the terrain. You don't have to believe in something that is real, you just have to realise it. People do not seem to be spiritually aware what is in front of them. The belief of mainstream Churchians does not make any difference to The System, it doesn't actually combat atheism. It gives way to it by saying belief is just a 'mind-map'. Such Christians have their heads in the clouds before even landing on earth. And the result is disastrous. By becoming overly attached to the percieved light they suppress all darkness which go unnoticed. But the truth is Christ had to descend to Hell before he could bring up the light to heaven. Steiner said that the second coming of Christ in the 'etheric' will go unnoticed if people remain unconscious and overly identified with the above surface level appearances.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Eric - Atheism and 'blind belief' are not equal, not symmetrical - not wrong in the same way. To an atheist all religious belief is 'blind'.

I think the problem that afflicts many religious people is 'materialism'/ positivism - this is very pervasive and difficult to eradicate, as is obvious from the way that physics and mathematics are used as primary religious explanatory metaphors.

Steiner was himself very prone to positivism - in the complex, systematised and Ahrimanic nature of his scores of books and lectures of Spiritual Science.

I also regard Steiner as wrong about the etheric second coming


Indeed, I think the idea of a second coming is an error (consequent upon disappointed Messiah expectations from before Jesus, and mistaken interpretations of the monotheistic nature of God and consequent wrong explanations of the work of Jesus) - if the Fourth Gospel is true, these ideas were not taught by Jesus.

Jesus accomplished everything he needed to do, the rest is up to us; there is no need or function for a second coming.

(Unless the second coming is simply taken to refer to our re-encounter with Jesus in Heaven, post-mortally; in context of the immortal/ resurrected Heavenly earth/ dwelling place.)