Saturday 26 October 2019

The three main crises facing The West: War, Transhumanism and Environmental damage

This is a very interesting recent video featuring Terry Boardman.

In the early section (about 29 minutes) he discusses the three major threats of The West; which he identified in order of imminence as:

1. Superpower War, He feels this could happen at any time, but in a scale of a few years - war between the US and China and or Russia. And if it does; it will - like previous such wars - happen very fast.

I don't have anything to add to this, except that it is certainly possible - but would probably be an unintended consequence of other strategies. I think the Global Establishment are aiming at endemic intra-social conflict or low-grade civil war - rather than international war.)

2. The Transhumanist assault of Artificial Intelligence and computer/ electric technology. The aim is to merge-replace the human mind, thinking, and biological being - with technological substitutes. This is on a timescale of about a decade - with 5G the main current manifestation.

Boardman says some very interesting stuff on this topic, about the way scientists and technologists know a lot less on these matters than they pretend, and the disdain for biology evidenced. He also makes the argument that this is the third stage of replacement - that the Western Church abolished the unique individual (incarnating) spirit, then the industrial revolution took over from the body - transhumanism intends the replacement of the only remaining human distinction - the living mind and its thinking.

3. The environmental crisis - by which he means the real crisis unfolding over the next 80 years or so, and due to massive overproduction/ over-consumption. I got from this that our materialism drives all forms of over-production and also the consumerism that fuels it - whether this is capitalism, state controlled-regulated or something else is irrelevant - since everybody wants ever-more stuff/ entertainment/ building/ comfort/ convenience/ excitement etc., as their primary life goal (there being nothing else).

The proper response to the real environmental crisis is to reduce production and consumption, to have a differently orientated life, a life including the spirit, recognising this world as God's (and potentially our) creation.

Boardman characterises mainstream 'environmentalism' as a dishonest manipulation... the Global Warming movement (Greta and Extinction Rebellion) as a manufactured fake emergency. The intention is to create a terrified/ self-righteous wartime panic - leading ASAP to an immediate and irreversible handover of power and resources to the Establishment.

The popular aspects are merely a contrived front for international finance and multinationals who hope to benefits from a colossal expansion of self-styled Green/ Sustainable technologies. Yet the scale of this exercise is by far the largest in human history - the International powers of finance and funding are very serious, and very much want things to happens imminently.

Real environmentalists want a less material life. Fake environmentalists want to maintain and indeed expand the current world-focus on production and consumption; but to replace the existing infrastructure, and expend billions-trillions of dollars to make it (supposedly) green-and-sustainable.

My interpretation of this propaganda-hysteria is an attempted power and money grab designed to fund and rationalise the demonic forces of evil. The billions-trillions spent on replacing infrastructure will be skimmed and redirected into the agenda of evil.

There is a lot of evil to be done in the world, and Climate Emergency is how it will get paid-for.

The Climate Emergency's significance is that it will pay for the Transhumanism - and Transhumanism is the central rationale for advancing totalitarian agenda of omni-surveillance and micro-control.

(Even though the AI agenda is impossible, and its pursuit inefficient and ineffective; it justifies and enables the real but hidden agenda.)

Putting these together - I see behind all of these is the spiritual disease of materialism that sees all problems and solutions in economic and political terms; and creates paralysing alienation, demotivation, despair - and increasingly desperate attempts to treat these technologically and by consumption or mob crazes.

As so often, we return to the stark fact that all of these bad things, or similar ones, will happen unless we repent our reductionism, materialism, positivism, scientism; unless we recover religion, the spiritual, the romantic-as-real.

This happens only at the individual level, and must be a voluntary choice. And if it doesn't happen, we know in broad terms what shall happen - keep happening - and keep getting-worse.

(Note: The later part of Terry's video presentation focuses on Rudolf Steiner's ideas of Threefold organisation of society - which I regard as 100 years obsolete and currently absolutely impossible; and indeed, undesirably backward-aiming in terms of Steiner's own deeper insights.)

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