Wednesday 2 October 2019

In Heaven - can we see, hear, smell, touch, taste?

Since we are resurrected, the answer is yes.

Since we become immortal with all the sensory organs; this implies that space and time remain realities in Heaven.

Since in Heaven we participate in the ongoing work of God's creation; this suggests that creation includes space and time as realities.

This suggests that reality is perspectival - that the broad assumptions of Einstein's theory of General Relativity are correct. We know from a place in time and space.

There is no instantaneousness of anything, there is no simultaneous-eternity.

Distance also makes a difference.

In Heaven we will not become indifferent to time, we will continue to be affected by distance - so that proximity will (there as here) be superior for knowing, and for loving.

We will continue to want to see, hear and touch those we love. Close-up is best.

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