Thursday 24 October 2019

What makes for strong cohesive and reproductive nations and institutions - instead of the usual Western (purposively, but covertly) suicidal nations, self-hating institutions

The West is crumbling towards death.

There is nowadays a strong assumption against positive purposiveness. The modern mind wants to explain everything in terms of negative causes such as accident, randomness, incompetence, selfishness.

And this is partly true - this is 'natural' - and a consequence of the failure of cohesion. This is due to the loss of religion - specifically Christianity. Nothing has ever been found to replace religion as a cohesive motivation for any length of time. Without religion it is rational to live in a selfish and short-termist way because - why not? 

But the decline is also suicidal and self-hating. Plenty of nations have died, plenty of institutions have gone-under - but the way that Western nations are seeking their own destruction is unusual - and needs explanation.

By 'suicidal' I mean something more than an entropic tendency to chaos and crumbling; I mean actively, strategically self-destructive. By self-hating I mean that institutions do not want to do what they are supposed to do - to not put this function as their priority. Schools and colleges do not want to teach their proper subjects; police do not want to prevent and prosecute real crimes, the military does not place offence and defence as their priorities; churches are not longer.

Instead (of course) they want - more than anything else - do do Leftist politics, the usual stuff - sexual revolution, antiracism, pseudo-equality etc. This is termed 'convergence' - all nations and institutions are converging on the same ideology as primary.

On that basis - Western nations, and all the major Western institutions and professions are suicidal, and this is based on inculcated self-hatred, such that Western people do not feel they deserve to defend themselves, to promote their own survival. This is quite extraordinary.

We need to be clear about this. The destruction of Western nations and institutions is purposive - actual destruction is being sought.

This is not merely a side-effect of the selfishness and short-termism of people - that is a constant factor among people; whereas suicidality of groups is relatively unusual.  Plenty of nations have died, plenty of institutions have gone-under - but the way that Western nations are seeking their own destruction (most rapidly by mass immigration and subfertility leading to population and cultural repllacement) needs explanation.

And it has the same explanation as the negative decline, of the crumbling entropic collapse - loss of religion. Without religion people are crazy, psychotic, insane - that is they have lost their basic instincts for survival and (overall) seek their own death and also are actively seeking that which is false and which harms them.

It is the loss of religion, the denial of the spiritual, the denial that this is a created world with purpose and meaning, that has made Men seek their own annihilation, and consequently institutional annihilation, national annihilation.

That is the root of it all - that is the primary cause - and if it is not cured, then will will die with absolute certainty; we will die (en masse) physically but also (more importantly) spiritually - both my neglect of that which is needed to survive and by death being an expression of what people most deeply want.


Francis Berger said...

Good post. It really gets to the heart of the matter.

Faculty X said...

I don't think it's loss of religion.

I grew up without religion and always opposed the disruption and decline in quality of life from massive immigration.

I also hated the culture that attacked defending what was a better quality of life as 'racist'. That's always been a trick of developers and government to get more taxpayers and drive up real estate prices.

It's a trick that an entire generation - the Boomers - participate in as their fake religion to feel smug about when they and the generation before them never grew up with the reality of massive immigration. That's demonic.

If there's a reason I want the West to die it's because it displaces its citizens and culture for money. The systems are empty but they have always been empty and soulless.

The West as it is today deserves to die because it does not protect its own.

In today's world I see the religious and they have become apostasy and destruction:

The Mormons support massive immigration and anti-racism propaganda; Catholics flood Europe with fake refugees who really want yet more money; and entire arrays of churches think flying rainbow flags and having women ministers is trendily spiritual and thus ignore the Bible.

If there were more religion of the sort that exists today things would get worse even faster.

Bruce Charlton said...

All institutions including churches are converged by leftist corruption, to some significant degree. We must distinguish the religion from the institution. And then we can see the opposition at the metaphysical level of what is assumed to be ultimate reality and the primary goals of life.

Faculty X said...

That makes sense. An intuitive sense of Christianity and the side it's on metaphysically is what's important.

Y? said...

The west, by necessity, must crumble and die. It is corrupt, vile, and obsolete. Anything is better than what is now in place.
Let. It. Burn.

Vlad Z. said...

We were Christian as a culture in our great rise, but Christianity has also been a vector of our dissolution for centuries. To take a simple example: the rule of Kings under God was suoplanted by the rule of merchants. Cathedrals gave way to unadorned boxes and every man his b own priest with the Advent of the Reformation.

If we want to make the West great again perhaps we need to go all the way back to the Religion of the ancient Romans

Bruce Charlton said...

Y. Things can and will get worse than now, if they don't get better.

Z. It's been tried and failed. But history is !inear,not cyclical. We go on to a new future, we can't go back.