Wednesday 2 October 2019

The System is the terminus of all false assumptions - including the Alt-Right (But recognising this depends on understanding what The System wants.)

This was apparent - in a diagnostic sense - to increasing numbers of people from the end of the Second World War. In writings of the nineteen-fifties, and more so in the sixties, there is an awareness of the fact that all the usual lines of escape - whether radicalism, rebellion, revolution on the Left - or tradition, conservatism, reaction on the Right - seem to terminate in The System, 'The Matrix'.

The System captured all groups, organisations, institutions - sooner or later. People would set-up some group, on whatever radical new lines, on whatever reactionary lines - and it would be drawn into The System, assimilated.

However, the lesson was never learned, has not been learned; the mistake is made by every new generation, every new version of trying to make a new and better System, every attempt to reform and improve The System - each and all the 'realistic', 'pragmatic', 'sensible' movement of socio-politics.

Because all such attempts are actually trying to fight The System using a fragment of The System

Indeed, it is not just assimilation but a process by which each absorption strengthens the system, makes it larger and more inclusive, more powerful. For example in recent years we can see how the "Alt-Right" has become absorbed, and how this has strengthened The System.

The System is totalitarian and bureaucratic, however people lazily assume that this implies that The System aims at a stable society of docile and obedient slaves; as depicted in so many fictional dystopias.

Stable tyranny might well be the aim of human-type evil - based on gratifying the self-ishness of people. But the modern System has become, is continuing to become, more demonic than human in its nature.

This means that the goal of The System is damnation, not control. And damnation is about psychological manipulation; about inducing certain states of mind: about inducing damning assumptions, attitudes, behaviours, motivations...

And this is why assimilation of the opposition is undetected. Mainstream, modern, materialistic people assume that when a new movement leads to argument, conflict, attempted censorship and suppression etc; that this implies the movement is a threat to the system.

Not so, because The System can - and does - use any and all group-level institutional opposition, reform, take-over attempt, purge, coup... to evoke the kind of damning psychological states that are its ultimate goal.

How this happens is very simple indeed:

Anything that is institutional is Already part of The System

...Because institutions just-are systems; just are abstract and impersonal attempts to circumvent the human and the divine...

Just-are materialist in assumption and form, and therefore intrinsically and already (even before assimilation) part-of the dominant demonic scheme (which is to deny the real-reality of God, virtue, beauty, creation, the spiritual, the soul etc).

In trying to create abstract forms of power that do not depend upon individuals, do not depend upon love, faith, hope - we have already joined The System, and already joined the side of purposive evil.

As I said recently; there is a world outside The System, there is a real opposition, there is a side of God and Good - and it is in fact the real world (whereas as The System is unreal, a virtuality.

So the situation is that everything we do to attain impersonal, abstract power and influence on The System is entering the realm of virtuality. In other words, in trying to be realistic, we engage in the false; in trying to be practical and pragmatic, we have already made the assumption that the unreal is real. We have lost even before we have begun.

The only true resistance is of the individual and those who are joined by love. Any attempt to upscale this by forming abstract, impersonal institutions has already destroyed itself. If we want to join the side of God, our 'method' is that of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel - which is... no method at all.


William Wildblood said...

People join the System as you call it because they seek power or success. The only people God can use are those who have no interest in power or success (or money, of course). They do not want to create a new way of being that others can copy. They do not want personal validation in that others gravitate to them and listen to them. They just love God and want to serve him to their best of their rather feeble ability.

There is a saying that the devil once saw a man get hold of a piece of truth. "That's bad luck for us" a fellow fiend remarked. "Not at all" said the devil. " Just wait until he organises it"

Bruce Charlton said...

@William -

Excellent devil joke!

I suspect that serving God isn't ever really a 'feeble' thing, because what we are each supposed to do is usually something very distinctive - that only we personally can do. Of course it may be unimpressive to 'other people' if we tried to explain or justify ourselves, but that doesn't make it genuinely feeble. What may be genuinely epic on the spiritual plane, may be pathetically insignificant by a materialist analysis... no matter either way.

The easiest is probably not to explain it to others except when these are loved and trusted others - then the question of feebleness doesn't come up. I reached this conclusion after years of trying to explain to 'bosses' why I wouldn't do x, y, or z and insisted on doing something else.

The explanation was *never* accepted, so in the end I used to say as much ('you will not agree with me, so I will not waste our time explaining'), and (politely) that I had religious reasons (unspecified) and so I Would Not do it unless or until I was compelled; and/or I Would Continue to do it unless or until I was prevented.

At any rate, for modern people, one of the first things needed to to start working from the real self, thinking from the real self etc - rather than working on autopilot from superficial selves programmed in by 'society'.

William Wildblood said...

You're quite right, of course, Bruce. I just meant that to a honest person what they have to offer always seems to fall short (in their eyes) of what they would like to be able to offer. But no true service is feeble however feeble it is!