Saturday, 7 December 2019

Feeling 'sorry for' our evil enemies - by Francis Berger

Some subtle and balanced reflections from Francis Berger on the business of feeling pity towards those who are on the other side.


dearieme said...

Should one feel sorry for the criminologist chap stabbed to death by the moslem terrorist the other day?

Against: he was 25, not 18; he was sentimental about criminals and knowingly took the risk.

For his father? Perhaps he was at fault for cultivating the sentimentality in his son? Anyway, I don't feel sorry for a chap who politicised his son's death by loudly demanding it not be politicised.

For his mother? Yes.

Francis Berger said...

Thanks for the share, Bruce. Your comment on my GT post made me reflect on the inherent danger of using loaded words like pity,(especially in regards to evil).