Sunday 1 December 2019

No institutional escape from Wokeness. With organisation versus The System - Resistance is Futile!

Above: The Borg - from Star Trek

Above: Early adopters of the next-generation of 'smart' technology

The Borg are the deadliest threat to the universe in Star Trek — The Next Generation. Part man, part machine, with each member participating in the group consciousness; the Borg act with a single ant-like will, and when one is defeated another steps forward to take its place.

In fact, the Borg are totalitarian bureaucrats; especially those with transhumanist aspirations for omni-surveillance and micro-control. And both Borg and Bureaucrat share the same mantra (in various versions): statement — resistance is futile.

At the level of institutions, this is correct - resistance is indeed futile.

Why? Because, all human institutions, corporations, organisations, functional or formal systems... are indeed mini abstract 'systems' that are linked to 'The System' (The Borg) by laws, rules, regulations, practices, use of money, taxes, banking and accounting, use of mass media, use of electricity and other utilities... linked, therefore, to that totalitarian bureaucracy which spans the world and has penetrated deep into all of our lives.

If, for example, a church (any church) tries to resist the Borg, and to remain unassimilated, it is identified as a threat and destroyed via one or more of the systemic links with the uni-System; via media firestorm or endemic vilification; political condemnation; punitive tax auditing or accounts auditing; prosecutions by employment law, hate crime law, be found to violate 'terms of service' from media and utilities and providers of internal services ...

That is, the church will - one way or another - have costs inflicted incrementally, open-endedly, and without limit; until it is destroyed as A-system distinct-from The System. Once identified, its separate organisation will be destroyed or else assimilated: that is the choice for modern institutions.

In political terms the choice is convergence, which is absorption; or death as an institution that is effective in The World.

As long as The System - the single atheist, leftist, totalitarian bureaucracy - continues there is no escape for systems.  

In a world of Woke institutions, only the 'Woke' will continue to survive...

But the Woke institutions 'survive' only by assimilation into the leftist, converged, Woke World that is The Single System: that totalitarian, increasingly transhumanist, bureaucracy which is controlled by the demonic Establishment.

So there will be (there already is.. all-but) nothing-but the individual and the non-institutional personal and loving relationships around that individual (principally the family); and on the other hand: The System.

All the institutions, churches, professions, corporations and all of 'civil society' that once bridged the gap between individual and totality, will have been destroyed or absorbed.

Man as a divine child of God, will be confronted by demonic collective that is The Borg: the Ahrimanic Satan, the coordinated world of purposive evil. Any person who affiliates to any ostensible institution will, in fact - as bottom-line, be affiliated to The Borg.

And these are the End Times, when the Christian Churches are being (or have already been) assimilated to the System of Evil because they are systems; and only individual persons that are motivated by love of God and fellow Men will be outwith the world of system/s.

And by love I mean real love, not operational, measurable, public-discourse altruism; because all the abstract altruists - those who aspire to loss of ego, consciousness and an end to thinking; those who regard the group as higher than persons - will have long-since surrendered their 'selves' to the merged uni-mind of the Borg.

Note: This is a deeper understanding of the current observation 'Go woke, go broke' - that when an organisation converges onto mainstream politically-correct Leftism - it will 'go broke'.  This is true, but irrelevant to the management, who will simply move on to another institution, with enhanced credentials from their Go Woke activism. If a broke organisation is useful to The System, it will simply be absorbed bureaucratically; and (while The System lasts) sustained with monopolistic privileges, subsidies, destruction of rivals (by taxation, law-fare or whatever). For example, mass higher education is long-since Woke and Broke; but sustained (and expanded) by subsidies of multiple kinds: tuition grants and debt-trapping loans, 'research' grants, grants funding manadatory bureaucratic compliance, requirements for paper credentials enforced by the state, multi-pronged attacks on non-Woke alternative providers (e.g. for-profit colleges) etc. Go Broke and Go Woke are therefore, in practice, synergistic - so long as that Wokeness is subservient to The System.   


Ranger said...

Would you say that this is a world-wide phenomena or is it still mostly limited to "the West"?
It seems non-Western countries are offering some resistance to this particular instantiation of "the system" (whether by having a "system" of their own or by not accepting any such system). It's why I'm not so sure that the End Times are near, it seems to me there is a long time yet before this local resistance to the system can be assimilated.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ranger - "Would you say that this is a world-wide phenomena or is it still mostly limited to "the West"?"

I don't know - but I don't think it makes much difference to the plan, either way.

Cererean said...

People praise China and Russia for resisting, but I'm not sure they are in any meaningful sense. Eastasia allies with Eurasia to fight Oceania. But does it help the people of Oceania that they have the help of Eurasia in their fight against Eastasia? No. Their Eastasian allies aren't much different from the Eurasians they're fighting.

As far as the Borg are concerned, they had Unimatrix Zero. An analogous network exists for us, at the moment. Why would this network be left up? Because, as the Architect from the Matrix explained, there has to be an escape valve to keep the system functioning.

I'm not worried that we'll ever see 1984 come true. The powers behind the powers wouldn't allow it. If people are incapable of conceiving of anything different to the system, then they cannot damn themselves. They must have the option of salvation in order to reject it.

Bruce Charlton said...

@C. Great comment.

Robert Brockman said...

“The Borg have neither honor nor courage. *That* is our greatest advantage.” — Worf, from the “The Best of Both Worlds” episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Worf turned out to be right in the show. Perhaps he is right today.

— Robert Brockman

Bruce Charlton said...

@RB - The West has neither honour nor courage - that is The Borg's greatest advantage.

a_probst said...

The English will stubbornly resist being Borg. They'll insist, "We're Cybermen!"