Wednesday 4 December 2019

Rejecting Romanticism - is to open-ourselves to evil

Tough words, eh? But I am becoming more convinced that Romanticism is the necessary (and necessary means necessary) response to the evil of our time - because if we reject it then we will de facto embrace the Ahrimanic evil that is dominant in our time.

Romanticism is based on the (ultimate, not sole) authority of direct knowing, of intuition - of personal experience.

In an age when totalitarian bureaucracy is the primary agent of the demonic side in spiritual warfare - when the top-down multi-national agencies of the Global Establishment are the main source of evil; personal experience is the only possible root and basis for a Christianity that can resist subversion, convergence, assimilation...

It used to be 'tough' for Christians to insist upon 'objective' laws, rule and regulations and collective institutions (churches) as the bulwark against evil; but now these have become the very conduits through-which evil has flowed into Christian life!

Paradoxically, it is the 'dreamy romantic mystical' solo-Christian (of whom William Blake might be taken as an early type) who is proving to be the strongest.

When the reality becomes 'me against the world', it is best to recognise the fact. Thus our weakness becomes our strength.    


William Wildblood said...

I agree. If our Christianity is grounded solely in externals and official orthodoxies it will not survive the current onslaught from the world. We have to have a real inner connection to Christ to see true right from wrong.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - That's it. Inner discernment has become essential.