Monday 16 December 2019

The Xmas song I hate the most

I'm not saying it is the worst - there is such a lot of competition, after all - but it is the one I hate the most. Reasons?

1. The basic premise of the lyrics is not just banal, but actively wrong ("I wish it could be Christmas every day", "when the snowman brings the snow"! - and "Now the frosty paws appear/ And they've frozen up my ear" is shameless drivel)
2. Nasty sickly tune, with grinding modulations
3. Appalling muddy musical arrangement and production - gives me a headache just from the texture.


The Social Pathologist said...

Bruce, I agree. It's revolting.

David said...

I think the worst thing about it is that once heard in a shop or on car radio, etc. it Burrows into the mind as an effective 'ear worm' that then begins playing in your head, even once you are a safe distance away from the offending shop or radio!

Interdimensional Spiritualwarrior said...

Yes agree. Drivel, nasty grinding sounds. Awful song. For a few years now I’ve noticed I find it nauseating

Dave said...

But it's based on one of the funniest short stories of the 19th century:

a_probst said...

"Video Unavailable:

This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."