Tuesday 24 December 2019

Real Christians, but on the side of Satan

This is A Thing.

1. There are Christians - parsimoniously-defined as those who regard Jesus as the Son of God and their Lord, who love Him, who wish to follow Him through the portal of death to resurrected eternal life in Heaven.

2. We are in a spiritual war - ultimately between God and Satan. This is becoming more obvious and intense, and the two sides are more clearly differentiated and further apart.

3. The Satanic side is winning. They are operating in a strategic fashion via the Global Establishment that substantially or wholly controls all major social institutions, including most of the largest and most powerful Christian churches.

4. The priority of the Devil's party is to increase the scope and power of the already-existing Leftist totalitarian System by Good and evil are inverted (e.g. transcendental values of truth, beauty and virtue in cohesion are inverted; so that dishonesty and lies, ugliness and the disgusting, and many sins are relabeled virtues - in an insane, oppositional, chaos-approving fashion). This is the primary plan by which evil is to be encouraged and rewarded; and God, The Good and Creation is mocked, vilified, and suppressed by punishments and coercion.

5. Many - perhaps most - Western Christians are very obviously on the wrong side - by their attitudes, words and deeds; by their investments of time, money and effort - they are aiding evil and opposing Good. This is the current state of affairs and it is increasing.

6. What will happen? Well, nobody knows what will happen in the public realm of observable phenomena - but in the personal realm of Men's minds and hearts there are two alternatives, and only two alternatives. The Real Christians who are on the wrong side must A: Repent, or B: Be self-damned - by their participation in lies, the destructiuon of beauty and their promotion of sin. 


The Empire, into which Christianity emerged, has never ended; and is always net-evil. Therefore ultimately, by the strictest criteria, all Christians who are alive are to a significant extent on-the-side-of evil. We all work for The Empire, to a substantial extent. This is a permanent fact of mortal life - albeit often ignored, often denied.

We are in the fortunate spiritually-healthy situation that The evil of the Empire is becoming ever more obvious; such that the evil of our lives cannot any longer ignorantly or honestly be denied.

While we live, we must acknowledge that we are not just sinning, but working for the victory of sin. If we can acknowledge this as a fact, there is no problem for our salvation. If we try to deny it, then we are no longer Christians.

So, even those Christians who are not obviously on-the-wrong-side, are nonetheless... on-the-wrong-side.  

7. The conclusion is stark: all self-identified Christians who deny the fact of assisting Satan's plan, who do not in their hearts acknowledge and repent their collaboration with evil, are not really Christians.

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