Tuesday 21 January 2020

A defence of 'civilisation' from Amo Boden

In response to my recent prediction of the collapse of 'civilisation' and an end to 'politics'; Amo Boden - at Brief Outlines - has made the clarification that human civilisation need not end permanently (although our type of civilisation surely must end); and large-scale human society may re-emerge on a new basis.

I regard Amo as correct; since we cannot know what possibilities there will be for mortal life among Men who have developed in the direction I call Romantic Christianity; or consciousness has (more frequently, among more people) attained what Owen Barfield termed Final Participation.

On the other hand; what we know now seems strongly to suggest that only a small minority, and very few, people currently even see a need for this kind of development of consciousness. And such a development cannot happen without deliberate and explicit striving.

So enormous changes - i.e. some kind of large-scale collapse - looks inevitable; whatever may come afterwards. In my judgement; it would be wise to acknowledge the probability, and make spiritual preparations.

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