Monday 20 January 2020

Francis Berger on The First Rule of Christian persecution

It is useful to be reminded (or to learn if we don't know) the scale of Christian persecution around the world over recent years; and the near total silence on the subject from the Establishment (especially the Western powers - who are primarily responsible for it); or the deployment of dishonest distraction and reframing whenever the subject comes-up in the Western media.

Frank Berger discusses this matter at his blog.

Given the prime task of modern Christians - which is to know reality - it is vital for Christians to acknowledge the fact of our systematic, deliberate, strategic persecution: it is indeed the key motivation behind the mainstream, modern, materialist Leftism that dominates the leadership of all Global and Western-national institutions. 

We don't need (as individual Christians) to go-on about this, we don't even need to mention it to others; but all Christians have an absolute responsibility to truth, and the reality of reality.

We must be honest with ourselves; and that means acknowledging evil when we perceive evil. Of course, we may be wrong in our evaluations and judgements - especially about events that are remote and our knowledge secondhand. We may need to change our mind on the basis of further information and reflection.

But uncertainty does not excuse Christians from the absolute duty of honesty with our-selves, which is the necessary basis for repentance and salvation.

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