Sunday 5 January 2020

Greta and Extinction Rebellion - analysed by Terry Boardman

Two of the prominent phenomena of 2019 – the teenage ‘climate change’ campaigner Greta Thunberg and the “climate change” campaigning movement Extinction Rebellion – share the striking characteristic that, unlike virtually all great radical causes of past decades and centuries, their cause is almost entirely supported by the Establishment and by many, though not all, of its usual propaganda instruments in the media. 

From the global business elite at their annual jamboree in Davos, Switzerland in February this year – where Ms Thunberg told them she wanted them “to panic” because “our house is on fire”, but did not tell them to change the fundamental nature of western capitalism – to the Pope in Rome, to the leaders of the EU and of the British political class, Ms Thunberg has been welcomed and feted by the rich and powerful everywhere she has been, by the leadership class in religious, political and business circles. 

This salient fact seems to escape Ms Thunberg’s younger supporters and also many of her older ones.

Read the whole thing at Terry Boardman's website...

Note: Terry Boardman is the deepest and most convincing analyst of socio-political trends that I know of; I have learned a lot from him.

The fact that he is an anthroposophist applying the insights of Rudolf Steiner is more evidence that we ignore RS at our peril - despite all the necessary reservations.

Yet, when Terry Boardman's article moves from analyses to policy - and he puts forward Steiner's century old idea of a 'threefold society' - I am compelled to remember my recent post stating that,when it comes to large scale plans and general schemes, Everybody Is Always Wrong.

Not that I have anything much better to suggest; but I know for sure that Threefolding is not going to happen, and would not make enough of a positive difference even if it did (somehow) happen.

The best I can suggest that is we each 'quarry-out' our own personal policy, plans and schemes as a part of what William Arkle termed 'quarrying-out our own uniqueness in our own way' - this being what God intends us to do in mortal life; so that we may ultimately each express to the fullest (within the context, meaning and purpose of loving creation in Heaven) our eternally-individual nature.


dearieme said...

Thunderbug was anticipated long ago in children's literature.

Bruce Charlton said...

@d - I think not: Minnie would have whirled Greta around by her pig-tails, then kicked her to kingdom-come; before sitting down to a big heap of mashed potatoes with sausages sticking-out....