Friday 17 January 2020

What is the most important sin (and virtue) of these times?

Is there a particular sin, or class of sins, that characterise our times in The West? The most obvious is in relation to sex and sexuality; where moral inversion is most obvious and severe: what was good is now evil; what were sins are now virtues - lauded and rewarded to the skies!

Sex is a powerful human drive; but inversion is a different matter. The modern inversion is a qualitatively different thing from the 1960s style 'sexual liberation' - which was about dismantling restrictions on 'normal' sexuality. Where does inversion come from?

In an ultimate sense, in terms of the spiritual war that is mortal life; it comes from the ascendant power of demons. The primary goal of the powers of purposive evil is opposition to God, to Good, to divine creation. So, inversion is the face of opposition - inversion tells us the major targets of the enemies of God.

So much for ultimates; but that is not how matters impinge-upon the vast majority of modern Western people; who are materialists that deny the reality of the spiritual and divine. The question arises how value-inversion is propagated to the great mass of men - and especially women. Because - on average - women are much more prone to moral inversion specifically, and the maladaptive effects of modernity in general.

And the mediator of moral inversion is The System - which has developed to become a unified thing. In the past, the mass media was smaller and often in opposition to the state bureaucracy and legal system - and state institutions, professions (schools, colleges, medicine etc), trades unions, and corporations were often largely independent and with different and specific goals.

But now all of these groupings have converged, have now become aspects of a single System; are all serving the same agenda; and that agenda is secular, materialist, and Leftist - and this is the primary tool of the demonic side in the spiritual war.

Thus it is The System - in all its various aspects - that imposes value inversion on the mass of people. The System creates a self-consistent, mutually-reinforcing fake world (a virtual-reality or virtuality) which (as the mass media expands, as education expands, as bureaucracy in the workplace expands) encompasses ever more of waking life. 

People live mostly in this fake world of The System; and the virtuality is the medium by which inversion is made to seem natural and true.

Therefore, when I ask 'what is the most important sin?', a good answer is to accept the truth and reality of The System -the major sin is to regard The System as Good.

And it follows that the greatest virtue (and one upon which all other virtues depends) is to know The System as evil; to see-through The System to the truth, reality and Goodness beyond; to develop a direct and personal awareness of God and divine creation as different-from, often opposed-to, the public world we so-much inhabit.

Since The System is so large and expanding, since The System is incorporating more and more of the social groupings of The West; this needs to be an individual and personal activity; since The System controls our access-to and interpretation-of so many media - this knowing needs to be direct: Man to Divine, unmediated.

We get to the most important sin and virtue: The current situation is that anyone who believes The System is Good and real, is himself actually in service of the demonic agenda. And only those who recognise The System as evil and fake are able to become Good; are able to join with the meaning and purpose of God's creation and plan.


Francis Berger said...

Good post. Really strikes at the heart of the matter. It doesn't matter how many 'micro' evils you reject if you don't recognize/acknowledge the 'macro' evil looming above it all.

In my mind, arguments about whether the System has been merely corrupted or is evil by design (which I have pondered over) are secondary to the primary recognition/acknowledgement that the current System is evil.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Francis - Thanks.

" arguments about whether the System has been merely corrupted or is evil by design (which I have pondered over) are secondary to the primary recognition/acknowledgement that the current System is evil. "

Well, I'm not sure about this - because passive corruption is regarded like entropy or errors; and is not really evil.

I would assume that unless people come to regard The System as actively, purposively evil in intention (its 'design' is probably a red herring); then they will not be truly awakened to reality, and will not have the proper attitude to things.

Also, people must acknowledge supernatural evil - or else they will try to reduce evil to 'making people miserable and killing them' (which is Not what The System aims-at) and they will tend to locate evil in specific persons rather than in their service to supernatural evil entities.

It is, I think, very rare for humans to be purposive and conscious agents of evil - and much more usualy to be selfish/ short-termist servants of the true (demonic) evil agents.

Francis Berger said...

I concede that "by design" is a weak term here. Yes, what you've stated is all quite true, but what I meant was that considerations of whether the system is evil by design or merely corrupted is of secondary importance initially.

The vital thing is to understand that the System is evil. Explorations about how/why it is evil can only be initiated when/if the primary acknowledgment is made.

As you note, this primary recognition must be properly made - must contain an understanding that there are underlying supernatural forces at play; otherwise, it just becomes a game of "well, it's just flawed human nature" or "it's those evil _____ (fill in the blank with whatever)." That's where the corruption arguments find their roots, and this corruption comes with a prepackaged solution. Get rid of the corrupt people, and the System will be fine. I certainly don't subscribe to that view, though I understand that most others do.

On a side note, I am ambivalent about the rarity of humans as purposive and conscious agents of evil. True, most are merely servants of evil - misunderstand or rationalize the scope of their evil deeds and thoughts through selfish/short-termist aims and ambitions, or the self-delusion that they are actually doing good - but I sense there are many more willing and conscious evil humans in the world than most of us are willing to consider.

Some humans appear to be very conscious of their evil intentions. They must be. Otherwise, this intentionally evil system they serve could not function as fluidly as it has/does.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Francis - I agree that (as far as I can tell) humans that are purposive and conscious agents of evil are not rare: there are plenty of them, unfortunately. And many of them are highly visible, in and around the public arena in politics, the mass media, as CEOs of major corporations, in finance etc (because the ruling Establishment are far more deliberately evil than any other group of people). However they are a small *proportion* of those 'on the side of evil'.

Francis Berger said...

Yes, I agree with that observation.

edwin said...

Dante has the majority of souls in hell not in the deepest circles but in the vestibule of the pit, where they run in a circle following a banner on which nothing is written. This illustrates that most people live unconsciously, guided by herd instinct, and have no clear self-conscious purpose. The system, at any time in history, is always ruled by the prince of this world and implemented by people of varying degrees of mental clarity. That the system and its managers have coalesced around the perversion of sex should tell us how important sexuality is in spiritual life. It used to be taught that the primary purpose of marriage was procreation. It seemed an obvious truth. Birth control did not refute the truth, but made it possible to ignore it in practice. All else in the way of sexual perversion followed. When the Catholic priesthood abandons celibacy as a formal requirement, the last connection between spirituality and sexuality will have been lost in mainstream awareness. The destruction of sexual sublimation in the service of spiritual elevation seems to be the end game of the system.

Anonymous said...

@FB, two of BC's earlier posts on the subject:

The first is the main one.


Faculty X said...

When was the System ever not evil?

In the Bible the apostles describe the System as Babylon (or whore of Babylon in their evocative language).

That was apparently a couple thousand years ago so it's been this way for awhile.

During the 1950s and 1960s which is when I infer some older people thought the System was not evil it was only a brief lull purchased by the world war slaughtering 50 million mostly Europeans crafted by the politicians and bankers.

My understanding of the Bible is it is describing the standard metaphysical reality of life on Earth shared by most spiritual systems: the World is run by S.

In some Eastern metaphysics the world is Maya, illusion, a form of lie, which ought be familiar to Christians as similar to the standard depiction of the Adversary in another form.

The System is run by deception and lies and is the norm throughout all history of civilization with no exceptions.

As an Outsider to Christianity I am not too inclined to do much other than observe, however I'd say the greatest virtue for Christians would be to take the Bible more seriously than they do today.

What that means in practical terms in regards to governance is to support Monarchism because it is the Biblical way.

William Wildblood said...

Another really good analysis of the modern deviation. The true test of spiritual discernment nowadays is seeing the evil of the System. If you fail to do that then you are on the side of evil however spiritual you may think you are - and many supposed spiritual people do fail. This is different to the past when you only had to see that "the world" was not with God but then it wasn't actively against him for the most part either, at least to nothing like the degree it is now.

The world really does get more absorbed by evil by the day which is why we have to keep going on about it.

jana gatien said...

The system is evil, by design. But its footsoldiers & minions are not the designers. Just compartmentalized functionaries. Ascendence in power and success within the inverted simulation (the system) is, from what I've observed, directly proportionate to the corruption of being within those rising through it. Those at the "highest" ranks (but since it's an inversion, really the lowest ranks) are fully inverted, and knowingly wicked. The average person working as a teacher (of the system) or in government, for example, are generally not conscious enough to know they are serving wickedness. They just want a paycheck in their virtual reality, which they mistake for reality. Those who are more corruptible (damaged), in these same positions (the minority), may "rise" or serve as evil agents at that level in the fake reality pyramid scheme.

But yes, I think there are more wicked/evil people than non-wickeds suspect. Projection works through those at all levels of the spectrum of good-evil. Good people tend to project their own goodness onto the wicked just like sociopathic narcissists project their own crap onto good-hearted targets. But I read last year that there are something like 28 million practicing satanists in America! I'm in Canada and the mention of God just embarrasses people, even "conservatives." Mention Christianity to a liberal and you get a meltdown, like in the Exorcist movie. Like demons are actually talking through them!

Bruce Charlton said...

@edwin - re: RCC celibacy of priests - I regard this relatively-late change as an error; and the older Eastern Orthodox system of married 'patriarchal' priests (with celibate monks and bishops) as a superior form of Catholic organisation. However, I don't think any Catholic Church will come back in the West, since (due to evolution of consciousness) we no longer believe in the *necessity* of priests - this just does not make snes for a loving creator God who can communicate directly with everyone, via the Holy Ghost.

Bruce Charlton said...

@FX - "When was the System ever not evil?"

Are you saying that it makes no difference whether the system aims-at Good or evil? From my experience, e.g. in science, where in my life it went from aiming-at truth to aiming at bureaucratic careerism, this is just false.

@ William - Thanks.

@jg - Yes, projection; but also habitually dishonest people (i.e. nearly all successful/ professional people are required to spin, mislead and deniably-lie on an hourly basis) are unable to understand things; and often devote themselves to building and imposing their own self-respect and status. Dishonesty erodes everything.

Feminisation of the Establishment is also a factor, since women are on average less honest than men - partly because other factors, such as not hurting feelings and not offending the perceived peer group, are a higher priority for women.

Lucinda said...

Honest vs. dishonest is not how women divide the world. They divide themselves by unselfish vs. selfish (men are regarded as categorically selfish if they act as men). Women talk to each other as though children are an unwelcome development, more work for everyone. Even though children are the main life satisfaction for women, they have to show to the group that they're not selfish in order to (selfishly) reproduce. To men, this is all very dishonest, but for the women who manage to reproduce, it's just a necessity.

Feminisation of the Establishment is problematic, because sorting people according to honesty gets swallowed up by selfishness tests. But insisting on unselfishness outside a close-knit social grouping doesn't make any sense. It becomes downright suicidal. The inherently contradictory nature of unselfishness as a universal virtue makes it hard for people to understand inversion of good and evil.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Lucinda. Thanks.

Perhaps the specific dishonesty I mean is untruthfulness, telling lies.

For instance, Harry Potter is an excellent series and a mostly convincing character. But the author does not see any problem about Harry's frequent and habitual lying.

But for men a hero should not lie. Would Aragorn lie? Lying is dishonourable.

Anonymous said...


"What that means in practical terms in regards to governance is to support Monarchism because it is the Biblical way."

Not exactly. The Lord gave Israel a King (Saul) because they demanded it, and were rebelling against the Lord as their king. The Lord had Samuel warn them of the evils that having an earthly king would bring.

1 Samuel 8:4-22.

Up to that point, the people of God, Israel, were a theocracy, with the prophet as the Lord's earthly representative, and having elders and judges govern underneath the prophet.

That the Bible also teaches to submit to existing/de facto political authority (up to a point -- Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and Daniel certainly defied authority) does not mean that the Lord wanted His people Israel to always have monarchy as their natural or default political system.

From the time of Rehoboam/Jeroboam onward, the prophets mainly kept repeating "You're in this political fix because you keep forsaking God."


Faculty X said...

Bruce, today the System says it pursues truth, does it not? Does it openly say it lies with promoting climate change or transgenderism?

Today the System says it is good. Back then it said it was good.

When I look back at the time I presume you mean I don't see a particularly honest system.

Skinner? Freud? Stephen Jay Gould?

I will readily accept that it was better in your time comparatively to now.

Yet it was said even then that "science progresses funeral by funeral": that older scientists would defend wrong ideas for their entire career until the end, not any true commitment to Truth.

Bruce Charlton said...

@FX - I can't prove this, or anything, to you if you are determined to argue against it.

But it is surely a very simple and basic discernment to recognise the difference between a system that explicitly aims at good but is corrupted by hypocrisy, selfishness, short-termism etc; and on the other hand a system which pursues an inversion of truth, beauty and virtue.