Friday 9 April 2021

The red herring of modern effeminacy - masculinity is a consequence, not a cause

There is a really tremendous amount of rubbish talked about masculinity these days. Its basis is the fact that modern men are much more effeminate than men of the past - and there seem to be many causes of this change: both cultural and biological-medical (and the cultural would not be possible without biological facilitation). 

But masculinity was always known as a consequence not a cause; something that was not sought head-on and for itself; but which arose as a result of other priorities.

Modern men cannot become genuinely masculine by changing diet, drugs and weights; because these are themselves evidence of effeminacy! 

The idea of a real man of the past brooding over such matters, of micro-monitoring and micro-managing his food, health, physique; being motivated by obsessing about his looks, and measures of sports performance (and comparing with other men) is itself extremely effeminate behaviour!  

We live in a world of extreme evil, a world in which there is one thing needful - which is to be a Christian, and as good a Christian as you can... 

From this all else follows, and without it - well, nothing really matters because you will be fighting on the side of evil and yourself being corrupted, week-by-week. Every 'self-improvement' will be harnessed against God and the good.

To focus on masculinity, to try and become more masculine, is corrupting; it elevates an inessential means to the level of an end; it makes a purpose of something which should be a by-product and may not be required.  

There are very few good men now; and of the few that I know - none are obsessing over their masculinity (and those who are, are slipping, perceptibly, week-by-week, away from God and towards The World). 

We all must have courage, but courage is not about masculinity. Each person's required courage is matched to his mind, body and situation - and is not dependent on these being in-place.

Effeminate men need courage just the same; and masculine virtue will be improved only by courage in pursuit of Christian virtue. 

All the rest is just lifestyle, hobbies, addictions, perversion or therapy - it may be 'needed' for such reasons, but should not be allowed to become a culture, or regarded as an end in itself. 

Here-and-now things are very clear and very simple; and what we should be doing is laid out before us. Doing it is very difficult, and everybody will lapse - most will lapse frequently. 

It is understandable that people should seek for easier surrogate activitess - and expend time, energy and resources on what they claim to be proxies for faith, hope and charity - and should get caught-up in groups that encourage each other...

It is understandable; but all sin is 'understandable'. Sin is turning away from God, working against the Good and creation - and in 2021 the System is sin-promoting; there are innumerable, continuous temptations to put The World above Heaven - and (temporary) rewards for doing-so.

It is part of the task of our times that these temptations be recognized and lapses repented. 

But while we cannot avoid sinning (because we are all sinners, by our nature, as Jesus made clear) we have no valid excuse for systematically advocating sin by our voluntary efforts. 

So let's all try our best to avoid advocating plans and schemes and recipes for promoting masculinity, eh? 



Nathanael said...

Interesting topic. Have been listening to ex-vegans talk about how bad they felt eating that diet, and with the men, they all explained how since stopping veganism they feel like men again, with less anxiety, more calmness, more strength and clarity of thought and so on.

I definitely agree masculinity should be a consequence, not the aim. There is something off when you see men 'trying' to be 'alpha'.

Bruce Charlton said...

@N - Well, veganism as such (when not part of a religion - such as Hinduism) is a mental illness and it usually causes physical illness. However, the main problem is spiritual - it serves as a deniable excuse for a kind of narcissism and is in practice (as of 2021) apparently always a component of extreme and zealous Leftism with all the Big Lies and worldly focus that entails.

HOWEVER, the stuff about high protein/ low carb diets is also a big snare for a different class of person - and comes with a different set of false ideals and sins.

(I speak as someone who - for five years plus - eats a high protein and fat/ low carb diet for health reasons. But I regard diet talk as both boring and self-indulgent. It's bad enough having to Do it, let alone making a cult about it.)

ToTheRightRon said...

My exercise and eating habits are just another area in life I'm trying to bring into harmony with Gods creation. What is the healthiest way for me to optimize the health of my body (of death), which is where my soul, spirit and indwelling Holy Ghost are currently residing.

Humans are mimics. Men are mimicking effeminate modes of being because we are awash in effeminacy.

Like children play act, we can pretend and mimic masculinity and maybe actually recapture some of what was lost.

“Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.”

Nathanael said...

Yes Bruce I agree with snares everywhere and fads etc.
It's good to see people who recover from ill health with diet correction, as the presence of the person usually returns too, and I think that's important, as it usually comes with a first hand realisation that the lamestream diet and 'health' advice is beyond wrong, and when done with a love for truth as opposed to their own ego, it's a real victory.

On the high protein stuff, I see many people regain their health when they ditch processed foods and go for natural high protein and fat (mainly animal based) foods.
I guess its trial and error for each person.

Interestingly, I've seen some people claim to regain their sense of connection to the natural world and connection to spirit by eating raw meat/organs/eggs/milk from pasture raised/wild animals. I think there is something to this.

Bruce Charlton said...

@N - Diet and lifestyle is Not going to be the start of our salvation, any more than drugs and surgery. First things first.

Lukas Schmid said...

Veganism has always been one of the most radical examples of modern logic. Esoterically, Veganism forces one to abandon not just their own traditions, but every human dietary tradition and leaves them at the whims of processed grains and pharmaceutical supplements for a meager survival.

That is, Veganism is highly disruptive: You can't have a normal life. You can't have a normal meal. You can't wine and dine with people and must make it an affair. You can't use traditional hand-made leather products. You can't hunt or trap for food or raise animals, even for eggs.

You become a nag at war with your family, the world around you. You are trapped within urbanite bugman society: you can't even eat in most non-urban places or foreign countries because the insane concept of not cooking with animal fats and eating and using animal products just doesn't exist. You have to survive holding your breath from one hipster downtown area to the next.

On every point, you become more reliant on macro-society. Vegans try very hard to give off "organic" vibes, but it's just a lie. Even people on the internet who "advertise" their Vegan lifestyle spend hours processing a basic meal and of course predigesting indigestible plant matter with a blender. Try and find a non-urbanite Vegan in real life. They exist, but they are an aberration.

Bruce Charlton said...

@LS - Yes of course - but it's a distraction (one of hundreds), and is designed as such. Don't be pulled-in.

Gary Bleasdale said...

Bruce Charlton - The destroyer of distractions.

I'm sure you would've been the sort of man that a genius leading a large team of scientists on an important project would want as a right hand man (keeping the junior scientists in check and focussed).

In a way I think this is what you do on this blog, even if it is not your intention!

The genius in this case is not a man, though...

Bruce Charlton said...

@Gary - Nice of you to say so, but I have never been a team man. A couple of times I have worked seriously with one other person in collaboration, and I have been very influenced by certain specific other doctors and scientists; but mostly on my own.

Karl said...

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who's the strongest of us all?

Philogelos said...

Have you heard the joke from the oldest joke book in the world?

There was a Roman man who wanted to be more masculine, so he bought some barbarian trousers. But he couldn't pull them up over his legs, they were too tight, so he shaved his legs.