Wednesday 13 October 2021

Harsh life lessons resisted - and yet they might so 'easily' be learned...

What a world! 

Apparently, a Lot of people, all over the world, are Now getting some very harsh and very personal life lessons as a consequence of the birdemic-peck agenda. Yet they continue to believe that whole narrative - its shape and rationalization. 

They do Not recognize the spiritual war, the global coup and that the Global Establishment are evil by their nature and intent: that all public discourse is manipulation and not-even-trying to be truthful. 

Instead these suffering people continue to maintain that this is 'business as usual'; with benign and well-meaning global, national, local and industry rulers - albeit contaminated by rather stupid, short-termist, misguided and selfish people...

It really does not matter what actually happens - because many or most people Will Not recognize evil motivations for shutting down the world, closing the churches, destroying all social institutions and most industries, separating and dehumanizing the masses; and actively harming more and more people. 

All this does not matter At All - because Nothing Has Changed. The world is as it always was. People are as they always have been. 

Or something... The slightest fabricated excuses and rationalizations are grabbed and clasped; and the excuses are used and believed in swift rotation. 

Because the underlying mass motivation is denial, the feeblest and most incoherent excuse will suffice. 

People have already been squeezed by evil in a way which - if it was predicted two years ago - would have seemed literally incredible. We are living in extraordinary times. The squeeze continues, the lies get ever bigger and more frequent, more individual people suffer more and more...

But it makes no difference At All, because the whole thing is reframed and reframed, on a daily/ hourly basis; such as to deny any qualitative implications. 

It is all either reduced to micro-discussions of minor incremental changes - or else swept up into vast and imprecise abstractions about 'freedom', 'democracy', justice' or whatever!

Sometimes it is 'nothing to see, move along' - sometimes it is a case of acknowledging extraordinary times, but attributed to a value-inverted non-cause such birdemic, rampant racism, CO2 climate change, homotransphobiastuff; or (somehow!) all these at once, in a fake-synthesis of falsity. 

All this comes down to individual persons and their experiences; and what each person makes of his own experiences - supplemented by the directly known experience of those in his immediate circle. 

All the 'information' anyone needs to know the truth - and to discern evil - can be found in this direct and personal knowledge. 

But it does require that the individual chooses to take full responsibility for his own conscious understanding of himself and reality. 

If this responsibility is surrendered to any external authority - he is finished. If he refuses to become conscious of reality - he is finished. If he refuses to choose truth - he is finished. 

And yet 'all' that is required is to be honest with himself - in the 'privacy of his own mind'. 

In these times he needs only to be Christian in his own mind, by personal decision and choice - he does not need to make a public declaration or join a church. 

He need only recognize the pervasive spiritual war inwardly - he does not need to emark on a program of political 'action'. 

He need only take the side of God and recognize and reject the devil, by thinking this... He does not need to tell anyone about the embarrassing fact that the devil is real and very active in many places, here and now.

Only these things and he will be saved, and he will find his life transformed for the better, and all kinds of things might and probably will happen as a consequence...

'Only'. It's so easy! 

Only in the privacy of his mind, his heart, his conscious thinking... 

A simple inward act - what could be more facile?

Ah! - but no. That 'only' is fatally difficult for Modern Man

Because 'only in their own heart' is far, far beyond where most people are willing to go. 

Spiritual war is the one kind of war he absolutely refuses to participate in. 

Why? Is it because Modern Man regards 'the spiritual' as not-real, hence trivial - so that he 'cannot be bothered' to think anything which he is not prepared to act-upon? 

Or, is it because of the opposite: because at a deeper level than he is prepared to acknowledge Modern Man knows that the spiritual is objectively real; so that any-thing he thinks will affect reality - will change the world... 

And then he would be known as responsible for what happens!

(i.e. The reality of 'thought-crime'.)

Therefore - better not to think in any direction tending-towards any thought which would go against the mandatory spirit-of-the-age. 


Dr. Mabuse said...

This is a problem I've been having for months: fighting against the lure of sagging back into the comfy cushions of "Everything is normal". Sometimes it's like drifting off to sleep, only to suddenly jerk wide awake again, and remind myself, "No, things are NOT normal. They haven't been normal for almost 2 years, and so I'm not required to behave as if they were." Yet people look at us, we who have realized how out-of-tune the times are, with round-eyed amazement, wondering "What happened to so-and-so? I used to read his blog, but now's he's just lost it." No one will admit that our behaviour has changed because the world around us has changed. Instead, they plump for the easiest explanation, one which doesn't require any self-examination: "Suddenly, for no reason at all, everyone went insane."

David Earle said...

I feel as if things will continue on degenerating and "coming to a point" with most people not noticing even until Christians become public enemy #1, the Mark of the Beast arrives, and the majority are on board with it being "666 just to troll those selfish ignorant Christians" while proudly flaunting their Mark.

Jonathan said...

For the first three quarters of this post, I was nodding along. As a long time reader, I was following in the tracks we've already laid down, and nothing you wrote surprised me, though you articulated it better than I could have.

So I was not ready for the surprise twist at the end! By the "end", I mean, "Or, is it because of the opposite: because at a deeper level than he is prepared to acknowledge Modern Man knows that the spiritual is objectively real; so that any-thing he thinks will affect reality - will change the world... And then he would be known as responsible for what happens! (i.e. The reality of 'thought-crime'.)"

That is a very novel thought, not resembling any thought I have had before.

Is that what's happening? It seems like it could be, although I never suspected it. It seems to have explanatory power. Maybe their gnostic and magical ways of thinking are not entirely wrong, but are just another evil inversion of some deeper truth, in this case a truth about the power of our thinking and its connection with salvation.

Bruce Charlton said...

@J - It hadn't really struck me either, until after I had written the post. But it is a contradiction that a society which is 'officially' pure materialism (such as the world now, or the USSR) - which implies that thoughts are merely epiphenomena; should also use this thought-crime concept (even if not named) that thoughts are the origin of actions, more important than actions - and the ultimate goal of policy is to monitor and control thoughts... even unconscious thoughts (e.g. the concept of implicit racism).

I would say that at this advanced state of evil now, those who pursue evil are seldom simply evil - but usually at least doubly so; such that knowing the falseness requires At Least two contradictions of the mainstream story - never just one. Evils sustain one another like a web - and we cannot be freed by cutting a single strand.