Wednesday 13 October 2021

We need to be able to recognize evil to resist it; but we do not need to understand it

Or, to put it the other way around: We do not need to be able to understand evil, in order to recognize and resist it. 

This is very important to bear in mind in the modern world, because mostly we do not understand much about the evil that is being done to us. 

Even when we know evil is being done in accordance with a plan - we are very unlikely to know for sure all the important aspects of this plan. There may, after all, be more than one locus of evil, and these evil people or groups may be in conflict.

But we do not need correctly to know all the specifics of evil to resist it. 

Therefore; having a false understanding (overall, or in detail) of the motivation behind and evil, or how evil is intended to work out in practice, does not invalidate resistance to that evil. 

In other words: even when an evil is being resisted under the justification of a false theory (a wrong 'conspiracy theory'); and when that false theory can be (somewhat plausibly) refuted by the evil-doers... So what?

The point is that we should recognize and resist evil: That Is What We Need To Do!

Who (who on the side of good...) really cares about the exact accuracy of understanding of evil - especially when everything possible is being done to hide relevant information from the masses, and to confuse everybody with false 'facts', false 'theories' and deliberate contradictions.  

Especially when the evil-doers themselves are not even trying to be honest or truthful - but regard communication as purely a method of manipulation. Mostly, they neither know nor care what is really going-on; but are simply trying to discredit or dispose-of all who resist them, by foul means or worse. 

Who cares precisely what They are really trying to achieve by administering the peck immediately to everybody in the world (excepting the Global Establishment Themselves)? We cannot know - and it does not matter. 

All we need to 'know' is to recognize that the peck is motivated by evil; which motivation we know for certain from its provenance (i.e. from who originated the peck and are pushing it; from those who provide 'evidence'; from their pervasively evil behaviour - their moral inversion, their gross and sustained lying on multiple topics, their support of evil causes, their venom directed against God and the Good... etc.). 

Who cares what exactly is in the minds of the various orcs, wraiths, necromancers and demons who are peck-pushing 24/7 despite that it is obviously unnecessary, ineffective and harmful. If we did not already know for sure that They are evil - this behaviour would of itself be sufficient to let us know...

That is assuming we are capable of recognizing evil At All; which apparently, most people are not. 



David Earle said...

This is an excellent point and likely a road-block for many Christians. Although the evil motivations behind the birdemic are obvious, it could be difficult to justify and communicate one's resistance to it to one's self and others, so they will eventually give in (for the wrong reasons, unrepentant) because they may think having a fully coherent understanding of the evil motivations is necessary for having the courage and justification to resist it... Untrue! Recognizing and resisting Evil should be so simple even a child can do it.

My name is Matt said...

"Who (who on the side of good...) really cares about the exact accuracy of understanding of evil..."

"Especially when the evil-doers themselves are not even trying to be honest or truthful - but regard communication as purely a method of manipulation."

Wow, this hits hard! This frees up a lot of mental resources. Thanks.

Todd said...

This is such a welcome post, thank you Bruce.
I've known this instinctively, but when one tries to express one's resistance to the evil (peck, masks, whatever), one is immediately besieged with manic questions about the quibbling details behind one's claim that the Thing is evil: are your statistics right? Who did it? How do you know? Prove it! How can you doubt the authorities? You must have extra super duper evidence to dare to question the authorities!

This makes it so simple. Just resist the evil when you see it. If one has the time and energy (which most people don't), and the spiritual strength, one can investigate an aspect of the incredibly complex and convoluted matrix of evil we are living in, but it is not necessary. And most men and women probably should not engage in it, as it can become an obession, and distract from pursuing the good.

Dexter said...

Don’t forget that you need peer reviewed studies and randomized control trials published in reputable journals before you can reject something obviously evil. /s

I remain amazed at the amount of mental energy expended on trying to determine exactly why “they” want certain things, and on trying to prove that “their” agenda is illogical and doesn’t make scientific sense (as if “they” would relent if you did - “oh yes, you’re right, we are guided by scientific truth and your facts and evidence have persuaded us”).