Friday 29 October 2021

When "get woke, go broke" is The Plan: Self-correcting, 'negative feedback' systems don't apply when demons are running the world

We are all finding it difficult to get to grips with this new post-global totalitarian world administered (ultimately) by demonic powers (and their mindless human hosts, servants and slaves); because it operates on the basis of an inverted value system which is not a natural way for us humans to think. 

The difference is that (unlike Men) demonic powers are motivated by the desire to destroy whatever is Good, whatever is God's creation. 

For example, the birdemic-response, including the mandatory peck program, has led to major sectors of the economy, of national functioning, of essential provisions, being in increased danger of being rendered useless or even destroyed. 

This makes the nations weak, impoverished, increasingly chaotic. This is negative feedback, indicating that what is being done is doing harm - and that we need to stop doing it. 

Normally, negative feedback would lead national rulers to stop doing it. But these times are not normal. 

When the global rulership is under demonic control, such negative consequences are regarded as A Good Thing. Since the demonic powers desire to destroy God's creation and every-thing Good - they are delighted by evidence of increasing national weakness, and by the increased sufferings and death of human beings. 

For demons; what we humans regard as Negatives are, in fact, The Plan.  

The 'climate change' agenda likewise. The in-place, anti-Good global strategy against carbon - the chemical of life, and CO2 - the gas of life - makes perfect sense from the (to us humans, inverted) anti-life perspective of demons whose existence is as unembodied spirits. 

The phrase "go woke, go broke" will be true in the long-term. Wokeness (aka. political correctness, convergence) is anti-functional, destructive of its nature. So, even though explicit corporate wokeness is expedient for those managers who implement it - expedient by a short timescale of weeks or months (which is why convergence happens, everywhere); nonetheless accelerating wokeness always and necessarily leads to destruction of institutions.

So, all institutions are going woke, getting dysfunctional, going broke... And any human being who values that 'broken' function (whether the function be science or sports, profit or pleasure, education or entertainment) will regard this collapse of functionality as a disadvantage. However, such outcomes are 'good' from the destructive perspective of the demonic mind.  

The utterly ineffectual pseudo-attempts to control supposedly-rising global temperature (when global temperature cannot be predicted, cannot be controlled - and should not be controlled) have (like the birdemic) created and sustained global totalitarianism, and are destroying the world economy.

This predictably and inevitably leading to starvation, disease, violence and giga-death (i.e the death of billions of humans - a situation not possible until the colossal population growth of the twentieth century and continuing). 

But what seems like, pretty obviously, negative feedback from our human perspective, i.e. the death of billions; is regarded as positive and desirable from the demonic standpoint. The demonic agenda explicitly includes the ideal aim for billions of Men to die - what they don't say is that they intend that these billions should die in a condition of resentment, fear and despair - die denying the spiritual realm including the reality of their souls, cursing God, and rejecting the eternal life offered by Jesus Christ.

(It is because the billions 'need' to die in a state of spiritual sin that the agenda for evil proceeds incrementally, along with massive and sustained attempts to manipulate and invert public values via the mass media and all other communications systems such as education, Human Resources, and the arts.)  

'Positive feedback' is the situation when deviation from the desired situation causes yet further deviation; e.g. when harm leads to more harm, when destruction leads to more destruction, when evil leads to more evil. 

It seems that the demons - having created a single, inter-dependent world System (administered by an hierarchical and cross-linked bureaucracy and mass-social media) - are now stressing that System with more-and-more inefficiency, more inter-system conflict, more sub-system and functional destruction.

They are ignoring (where possible) the negative feedback (often spinning it as benefit!) - and They intend continuing stressing The System until the point where even the possibility of self-correction becomes unachievable. 

The aim seems to be inducing positive feedback in a single System, when increased dysfunction in one domain of that System leads to dysfunction in several other domains - and then the same again; until these accelerating and spreading dysfunction all add-together to make a 'System' that ever more rapidly and irreversibly destroys itself. 

In other words, when "get woke, go broke' is accelerated by a positive feedback system in the short-term; and when consequently organizations are going "broke" all through The System; then going-broke also becomes a positive feedback process - until The System as a whole is irreparably broke-en. 

None of this makes sense from a long-term human perspective - although it can be (is being) dressed-up as expedient in the immediate short term. 

For example, any deviation from total compliance with The System (e.g. refusal of the peck, refusal to comply with antiracist rituals, refusal to celebrate ever more extreme sexual delusion, sterility and perversity) may be punished; and punished by ever more rapidly increasing sanctions. 

Any refusal to engage in destruction is disallowed and may be inexpedient - but compliance with the work of destruction is allowed and may be rewarded.  

Yet it is certain that any and all of these demanded compliances are only a prelude to further (in the pipeline) demands for greater and more extreme compliances - with greater and more extreme sanctions. Thus destruction accelerates. 

Human rulers might eventually be appalled at the emerging dystopia; might eventually 'have mercy' or at least 'see sense'. But when The System is administered by demons they will laugh at the idea of mercy, delight in human torment; and their idea of what makes 'sense' is the opposite of Mankind's.  

The conclusion is that we need to adjust our expectations to the new realities. We need to stop judging demons by human criteria. We need to stop expecting our current rulers to behave as did rulers of the past. 

Because this time, and for the first time, we are all up-against a world ruled by immortal spirits of evil. 


R.J.Cavazos said...

Great post. Its interesting that the anti-fossil fuels fanatics don;t seem to realize that the enormous growth in population especially in the "developing world" was due to intense energy use in agriculture, pesiticides (chemicals), nitrogen fixing and other Eurocentric energy intensive technologies. Without these--major famines and shortagles....

Bruce Charlton said...

Comment from Zeno:

"when demons are ruling the world

Another thing is: they don't even seem to care anymore about "optics" or about appearing reasonable and convincing people. Once, evil was hidden, or falsely portrayed as good. But now they seem to want to not only be and do evil, but to actually appear evil for all to see.


The system is going so over-the-top that many people who were before believing everything they were told, are now hesitating.

I know many people who until recently were/are very progressive, but now are having second thoughts about transgender stuff, about the peck passports, and even about the climate change stuff.

But I think, at this point, it's not anymore about "controlling public opinion". They don't care about public opinion anymore. It's about being evil and gloating in evil."

Doktor Jeep said...

What do they care for going broke? Demons have no use for money.

pyrrhus said...

It seems to me that these demons first started working on the mass destruction of humanity before the Great War, and their success in that endeavor (in which the best of England's youth was slaughtered in futile attacks on machine guns) emboldened them to broaden their horizons...Now it's the entire world they aim to get slaughtered, and in the boldest possible manner...Putin and Xi seem to be the primary obstacles, but a well-armed America too could prove to be the bone in their throat...,

Bruce Charlton said...

Comment from jim -

"So there's one thing that I don't get. If the global elites want depopulation, why did they let the population reach 7.X billion in the first place?

All they had to do was:
1) stop feeding Africans, and
2) encourage war between India and Pakistan.


If you want to depopulate the planet, far easier just to drop a nuke on Delhi and kick off a war between Pakistan and India than do all this silly virus stuff."

Bruce Charlton said...

@jim - You are correct. Depopulation is Not the primary goal of demons - it is a means to an end, and the end is damnation.

If Men are killed in massive numbers but theirs soul (choose to) go to Heaven then that is an ultimate defeat for God's enemies.

What "They" are seeking is damnation, souls that reject Jesus Christ and (especially) souls that embrace the inverted values of hell.

The current situation is the outcome of generations of strategy and incremental 'progress' towards materialism and value inversion of the masses. If Modern Man's expressed preferences and behaviours are any guide; when the global masses die Now, many would choose hell. That would not have been the case two hundred years ago.

LR said...

Depopulation is the means to an end, which is the subversion of belief in Christ.
Poverty and lack are less likely to subvert belief than excess and delusion.
More critically, the end of even a vast number of pagans and Muslims who did not believe in the divinity of Christ in the first place would not be a blow directed specifically at Him.
But the seduction and perversion of the Church, the bride, now that would be desecration indeed.
Antichrist is not the opposite of Christ, it is that which usurps his proper place.

Bruce Charlton said...

@LR - I think you are broadly correct - but the context has changed through history. Hundreds of years ago, those who knew nothing of Christ - and who worshipped others god/s in mortal life - would I think be likely to have chosen to follow him after death. But that is not the situation now where 'everybody' has heard about Jesus and nearly all have rejected him - and more to the point, accepted and preferred leftist (i.e. evil) demonic materialism (which category includes many self-identified Christians).

DrTorch said...

Thank you. It's about time someone put it that clearly. I am amazed at many Church leaders, and other 'Christians' who keep pretending that it will all just work out. They refuse to accept what is the truth, and thus they refuse to react in sensible ways.

Ultimately, this is God's war to wage and win. Humans don't currently have the ability to stand against these supernatural foes. But, very, VERY few Churches are even acknowledging, let alone preparing for, the severe spiritual war that is at hand.

Bruce Charlton said...

@DT - Thanks for you comment. But one thing...

"Ultimately, this is God's war to wage and win. Humans don't currently have the ability to stand against these supernatural foes."

This seems to go a bit far - at least if we are talking about the spiritual war, as I intend. I'd say that God can *only* win the spiritual war one soul at a time; only by the right choices of individual Men.

Just as a single human can defy God and reject Jesus Christ - so that same human can of course (if he wants) do the opposite (and defy the demons). That is the basis of Christianity, after all.

LR said...

We DO have the ability to stand up against supernatural foes. The New Testament is
the operator's manual.
Yes, the best of the pagans of the past would have converted. Given the murderous recent history of man without God and the increasing weight of scholarship substantiating the prophetic nature of the Bible, they would have accepted the truth.
It took me a couple of decades, but that was what changed the mind and heart of this former scientific spiritualist and eclectic Christian.

DrTorch said...

@LR - You are right. Christians can stand up to supernatural enemies.

I was thinking of the standard secular approaches that seem to be so commonly recommended, even by Church leaders: vote, obey the government, serve everyone no matter what they're doing.