Sunday 3 October 2021

There are no 'bare-facts' - instead, we should focus on spiritual realities

That The Enemy are liars - and fundamentally so, because they deny reality - raises the temptation of trying to counter Enemy lies with 'bare-facts'; to counter false/ misleading/ manipulative imputed-causes with real ones. 

But this mechanical fact focus is an alluring snare - a species of spirit-denying materialism and tending to confirm that the only serious truth is mechanical causality. It encourages exactly that mode of thinking which the Enemy wishes to impose on the world. 

We need, instead, to become primarily aware of the spiritual realities behind the material 'facts'.

There are no solely material events in reality - therefore there are no bare-facts; and there are no purely material causes. 

Every-thing that happens in the world has an underlying spiritual dimension; every proximate cause, event or observation is embedded in ultimate spiritual causes. 

The bare-fact is just the tip of a spiritual iceberg - and our job is to know the invisible part of the iceberg.

How? By consciously choosing this attitude and practice. 

We know, for-sure, that the mass mainstream narrative of facts and causes is always false. We know that every-thing from the Establishment is intended to manipulate not communicate

Thus, we set it aside without wasting thought

And instead allow our intuition, our heart-thinking, our God-aligned discernment - to contemplate the spiritual motivation behind the fake story

We all have inner guidance from being children of God and external guidance from the Holy Ghost - so we can always know the spiritual realities that are spiritually necessary to us; always - so long as we are (at that time) genuinely on the side of divine creation, aligned with The Good. 

If so, then suddenly we become aware of the spiritual reality and existential nature of the situation; the hidden iceberg of spiritual intent beneath the visible materialism and mechanical causality of public discourse! 

Suddenly, we understand the enemy; suddenly it becomes clear what we personally need to do in order to oppose the powers of evil. 

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Jacob Gittes said...

Great essay to start the day.
I saw a long and very academic and brilliant presentation by a Dr. Richard Fleming this past weekend.
He's a PhD, MD and JD.
And it was genuinely good, but he completely ignored the possible motivations of the enemy. He seems to think that by sheer force of reasoning, but giving a brilliant grad school level presentation, that he will be able to defeat evil.
I remember feeling, while watching it, "but what now? Why or how will this brilliant presentation help us win?"
It won't, without the spiritual awakening needed. IT won't do a thing, if we focus only on opposing fake fact with "real" fact. That is why most of the dissident right never win. They think that fighting on the enemy's own terrain is a plausible way to win.

It never is.