Friday 8 October 2021

Why the new ultra-Gerontocracy? Answer: it takes a long time to corrupt people to the very core of their being

A surprising proportion of the most powerful people in the world are above retirement age - and some very old indeed by world historical standards of a maximum life expectancy of about seventy years (and also by the normal current standards that are chosen, habitual and enforced in the mainstream of jobs; in many of which mandatory retirement before the middle sixties is normal).

Furthermore, the younger leaders are mostly - very obviously - not real leaders, not really powerful; but merely puppets, mouthpieces, middle-managerial stooges for those in the shadows who - as I said - are often old, and mostly (obviously) well-advanced in decline. 

These ultra-old power-people are apparently kept going for as long as possible by massive drug usage and perhaps other practices - but nonetheless, they cannot possibly match the stamina and aptitudes of younger cohorts.   

So why is it that the Global Establishment has come so strongly to use the very old, whose abilities are generally much impaired and who lack the surface appeal of the young or middle-aged; and who need so much work to sustain? 

Why do They insist on propping-up these decayed characters in positions of power? 

And why do not this new ultra-Gerontocracy (rule by the oldest) themselves want to cease the daily wielding of power, and instead refocus upon spiritual matters in preparation for inevitable death - as Men nearly always did in the past? 

The answer I have reached is that it usually takes the powers of evil a long time - decades rather than years - thoroughly to corrupt the hearts of Men; so that those Men have deeply internalized evil to the point of actively wanting evil. 

It is not enough for the most powerful Men to be selfish, hedonic careerists or obedient; they must have voluntarily, willingly, whole-heartedly adopted that value-inversion required for the pursuit of strategic evil; they must have come to regard evil as good, ugliness as beauty, lies as a higher-truth... 

In traditional terms; these high level leaders need to have invited evil into their souls; to have agreed to demonic possession to a significant degree - and indeed set-aside most of their natural personal hedonic goals in active service to the agenda of Satan. 

I suspect that these genuinely powerful individuals are not materialists, and that they know God is real; but they reject God and divine creation, and despise resurrection into Heaven; and instead look beyond this mortal life to some kind of continued spiritual existence in continued service to evil.

It is this kind of 'immortality' that they have been offered - by a Faustian bargain.

This promise of immortality may be a lie, often is; and they may have been duped - to be cast into oblivion at death. But I think there must be some examples of such immortality of evil spirits which can be exhibited, and which exhibiting these wholly-corrupt individuals have experienced and been convinced-of - in order that they will agree to this bargain. They can therefore believe that there is at least a chance of success from their choices. 

These old-evil people do not want resurrection into Heaven; they want to stay themselves, with all their sins - because their sins are the core of their being. They want to live 'forever' primarily to pursue their sins. 

Satan cannot offer resurrection, but probably can offer continued spiritual existence of the personality - and maybe by the extraction and use of spiritual energy by means of classically Satanic practices, rituals, symbolism, initiations, sacrifices, deals and contracts etc. 

What the ultra-Gerontocracy probably hope is that the small-fry servants, slaves and dupes of evil (of whom there are vast numbers nowadays) will be consumed; and their life energies used to sustain the continued existence of this minority of Quisling ex-humans who have committed (in their hearts) to a post-mortal life as a demon. 

Such an extreme, near-total, degree of self-aware human corruption apparently takes a long time to happen - and many will fall aside on the dark path; and some will be saved late in the day. 

By the time that a person has fully internalized and embraced the agenda of evil, and cast-aside all loyalty to Mankind; he will usually be very old. But such individuals are of immense value to Satan; and well-worth sustaining for as long as possible. 

The ultra-old leaders are thus akin to the Ringwraiths of Sauron - completely trustworthy agents of the devil, because they have nothing of themselves left with-which to rebel against their master. 

And the ultra-Gerontocracy of evil is one result of this process operating in our world.


Heaviside said...

In the film Being John Malkovich, there is an elderly man, Captain Mertin, who uses a secret portal to inhabit the bodies of younger people in order to pursue lechery. In an earlier draft of the script he had a partner, Mr. Flemmer, who was revealed to be the Devil.

whitney said...

I think this is really accurate. I have been shocked at the evil and malevolence of our ruling class and it's not because I don't believe in evil, I do, but they're so blatantly cruel about it but the permutation and complete takeover of their souls probably does take longer. I have also believe the higher ups are not atheists, they believe, they just think the books are wrong and Satan wins in the end and he's a good guy. I was raised by atheists. Thats what they thought, the stories were backwards but they didn't believe in anything. Middle management types. They don't get access to the Book of the Dead and all its rituals so they're just told there is nothing after death.

Doktor Jeep said...

It's like a description of the US Supreme Court.
And there are 9 in black robes.

Johannes Q said...

I find it interesting that while old people like the Clintons get evident plastic surgery, George Soros and Jacob Rothschild look just as old as they are, and don't seem to care. It's as if, for all their tailored suits & mansions, they lack vanity about their looks; or as if the concept of human age doesn't really mean much to them.

Jeffrey Cantrell said...

Interestingly enough, Ann Barnhardt has written about these diabolic narcissists and the evil that motivates them. I believe you and her have hit the nail squarely on the head.

Joseph A. said...

Horrifying thoughts