Saturday 30 October 2021

The tough truth - doing the right thing will probably make this mortal life harder, sooner

When the demonic powers rule - and not only do not care about the destruction of civilization - but are pleased by it - then the tough truth is that most of the most-effective forms of Christian awakening and principled behaviour will make this mortal life harder - sooner that it otherwise would happen. 

The official and explicit Establishment Plan is that - by 2030 - life for everyone on earth will become an exceptionally immoderate form of slavery; leading on to a giga-death scenario when most of the world's seven-billion-plus population will be eliminated by various means. 

Ultimately, since this is a demonic strategy - the goal is to damn as many people as possible; and this generally takes the form of convincing people to reject Jesus Christ's offer of salvation and/or to embrace one of the various 'deals' offered by Satan.  

That is The Plan; but in the short term They have designed the System of sticks and carrots such that it is nearly-always likely to be more expedient to comply with The Plan than it is to resist it in any way. 

For instance; if any individual, group or institution stands against the global leftist programme - especially the Litmus Test issues of birdemic-peck, antiracism, climate change and sexual revolution - then they will be made to suffer. And if significant numbers of people stand against what The System wants; then The System will ensure that things-in-general will get worse - over the short term.  

What this amounts to is that we can - for a while - delay suffering and death by conformity; and dissent will bring a swift punishment. There is also the possibility of having suffering delayed by active and enthusiastic service to evil. 

But - whether we resist or comply, and whether we are slave-masters or slaves - in the end we will all be immiserated, punished and damned. 

This is why belief in Heaven and following Jesus are so important - because if we believe-in and want only to optimize this mortal life, it is very difficult (and perhaps irrational) Not to comply with evil.

To dissent, resist, and adhere to Good in the coming days, weeks, months and (few) years - we need to look beyond our mortal state - look forward to something better. 



Doktor Jeep said...

I can't think of anything the devil could offer as a deal. Maybe I'm not debased enough.
I imagine the real fall from grace would be in letting weakness of the flesh play in. For example: it's easy, right now, not to take candy from a baby, so to speak.
But what happens when you are starving?
The devil won't need to be printing up "deal forms" in bulk when all those impulse-reaction or no-inner-dialog NPCs (aka "Self propelled stomachs") go hungry. Who would sooner starve than take that candy from the baby, and who would eat the baby too?
Based on what I see daily, my optimism is lacking.

Francis Berger said...

Good post. This is a tough truth, but who said truth was always easy? Good and evil are not synonymous with easy and difficult. Choosing the side of God and Creation may indeed make material circumstances extremely uncomfortable, but which would we rather have - worldly comfort and spiritual distress or worldly distress and spiritual comfort?

I thought about this from the perspective of playing it safe versus living dangerously. Those who comply with evil do so because they want to play it safe when it comes to their material circumstances. The irony is there's nothing safe about that choice - neither in spiritual terms nor in material terms (as current circumstances have clearly revealed).

Bruce Charlton said...

@DK - I have written about this sometimes - eg

@Frank - I should perhaps have said that we are always dealing with estimations of risk in these decisions - and people are often wrong about this. Also (more importantly) that we although we Must judge, we really do not know what is coming because our knowledge is very partial, as well as distorted - e.g. the 'palantir' problem, I wrote about recently; but also because we do not know how people will choose or (and this is important) what God - the creator - will do.

In other words, there *may* be better futures possible for some specific people, perhaps due to divine creative arrangements.

We cannot and should not rely on them - however, we can always hope for them. Nonetheless, we will need courage, and courage needs a larger perspective than our happiness in mortal life.