Wednesday 17 November 2021

The mass media: The Weltanschauung of "All evil. All the time"

A couple of days ago I made a deliberate venture into the mass media - surveying headline stories; what was being pushed. And I realized with astonishment that it had got even-worse - it had qualitatively-declined even further!

First and dominantly: all of the main stories were tissues of lies - lies piled upon lies, aiming at untruth, and interconnected horizontally with other hierarchical structures of lies; to make a whole world of un-real/ anti-real, hence evil, falsehood

Secondly: self-destruction. Within the lying-narratives, there was the spectacle of men and women destroying. 

As examples (with which I have familiarity) - the media coverage of education is working towards the removal of any residual possibility of education; same for the arts, literature, science and medicine. 

These domains are of course nearly-dead already; but the media function like those scavengers who wandered a battlefield 'finishing-off' the moribund and robbing their corpses. 

Or, more strikingly, sports; which is justified by enjoyment. 

My sport is cricket; and the cricket journalists and broadcasters are hell-bent on destroying cricket altogether by diluting and then eliminating that which is enjoyable. 

At present, in this collapsing half-way house, the media tolerate cricket as a way of getting-at a vast world audience (especially in South Asia and the British Commonwealth) in order to propagandize them with birdemic-peck-lies and antiracist-lies. 

But there is now evident a waxing genocidal impulse to delete 'the cricket' altogether - and replace it entirely with leftist politics. Cricket is just another venue for the same old propaganda. 

This urgent imperative to all politics, all the time, has so gripped the mass of journalists that they are reckless of the plain fact that they are (ever more swiftly) annihilating their own livelihood. After all, who wants to read the political opinions of an ex-player or cricket gossip specialist? 

But such frantic, aggressively-compliant, self-blinding, suicidal short-termism is the cultural norm in 2021 -  as the fast and widespread acceptance of the peck has made clear.  

At one point, the mass media gave the impression of having possible 'inroads' for reality and truth: not any more. The totalitarian coup of early 2020 has triggered an unprecedented linkage of all major social institutions, and a uniformity of motives, concepts and ideas. 

The mass media in 2021 has come to resemble a monolith of global establishment talking-points. Our alternatives are take it or leave it... that is: take it all; or reject it all... 

Nothing else can be done with it. 

The traditional distinction between 'facts' and 'values' can now be seen as deceptive. The media (at one time) claimed to report the facts and separate the evaluations. 

But what is first noticed, and then regarded as a fact is itself a product of evaluation. So there can be no separation.

All 'facts' are evaluations. 

What counts as news - a fact, an event, a happeningis a consequence of large general ideas, of metaphysical assumptions, of ideology. And what counts as an explanation... And what counts as a relationship between phenomena... And what counts as a significant pattern with implications... 

All these are based upon prior assumptions, prior conceptual frameworks. A term for such a comprehensive philosophy of life and reality is Weltanschauung.  

And of actually-possible explanatory and sense-making Weltanschauungen - there is just the one choice to make

We need to choose (indeed, we have already chosen) between "all of the mainstream leftist ideology, all of the time"; which is - by its intrinsic nature and net-motivations - All evil. All the time

Or else we choose the kind of individual and intuitive Romantic Christianity that surveys the world of the mass media from grounds located beyond its reach: from the perspective of each Man's inward real-self, his eternal soul; and its direct communications with the divine. 

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Doktor Jeep said...

Television is also memory implantation. That's the first reason I avoid media. I don't even have a TV.
Memory implantation is why the word used for the TV schedule was "programming". I think they do that on purpose, to mock the stupid.
If a fellow sees something like deep sea fishing on a TV show, but has never done it himself, then the term will automatically invoke mostly visual references picked up from the TV or big screen. This is why Jaws in 1975 has people afraid to go in lakes and even to this day most normies think they can buy a machine gun over the counter just by throwing cash on the table (not possible in the US since 1934).
When I realized the pervasiveness of this programming, I ceased all mainstream media consumption. That was many years ago. But even to this day I can still catch little bits and pieces of implanted memories. Now I tend to watch documentaries and "how to" videos on the internet. Hobbies and all that.