Sunday 26 December 2021

Core Big Lies that we depend-upon; versus Gratuitous Big Lies (such as the birdemic and climate change) that are universal and merely-destructive

We live in a world governed on the basis of Big Lies - a world of global totalitarian establishment Leftism of all factions and parties. 

Since the international coup of early 2020; Big Lies now dominate all nations, and major human institutions/ corporations/ organizations. 

This means that The System which keep more than seven billion people alive is net-corrupted - is directed against God, divine creation and The Good. 

In other words, we depend-upon Core Systems that have yet embraced Big Lies; such that all functionality has been diluted then subverted by these lies.

To oppose the Core Big Lies therefore means to oppose the hand that (albeit to an always-declining extent) feeds us, clothes and shelters us, heals and protects us.

This situation of corruption of core functionalities must end in collapse and disaster; and is bad enough...

But on top of such negative erosion of capability, efficiency and purpose; there are Gratuitous Big Lies; of which the birdemic-peck agenda is the most currently dominant; with Global Warming/ Climate Change not far behind. 

These are Not lies that have arisen from the incremental corruption of once-functional systems; but these are instead made-up novel systems that are in essence Wholly Dishonest and therefore Actively destructive.

The birdemic is a manufactured fake from bottom to top - at every step and stage, lies have been woven; it is not only unnecessary but actively-destructive. 

If the birdemic did not exist, there would be no need to invent it - hence it is a Gratuitous Big Lie. 

It is a network of untruthfulness added-to the Global System and designedly destructive of it: with all the major interventions (closures, restrictions, masking, distancing, pecking) being grossly net harmful. 

Likewise the Climate Change Big Lie: another entirely gratuitous deception that has been deliberately structured and manufactured to have the widest scope and to inflict the deepest harm. 

At its centre is the inversional demonization of Carbon Dioxide - the gas of life - associated with all living things - a molecule not only necessary, but vastly net-beneficial to planetary life.

Likewise warmth. In a world where climate is always changing and (obviously!) cannot be controlled; but the major danger to life has been cold (ice ages) we are asked to fear (and pretend to be able to prevent) greater warmth (which people whose motive I trust, such as Freeman Dyson, say would almost certainly be a net-benefit). 

Like the birdemic-peck; the Warming/ Change agenda is not only unnecessary, and ineffective, but also grossly harmful across the board. 

Such is the nature of a Gratuitous Big Lie. 

The depth and evil of our global corruption therefore begins the expanding-insinuation of Big Lies into all the life-sustaining and functional social systems; but the gratuitous invention and imposition of entire novel social systems that are actively evil - actively destructive of Good, and with potential for malignant invasion of every single aspect of human living and relations. 

So these gratuitous Big Lies have taken the agenda of evil from its previous locus in social institutions/ organizations/ corporations; and insinuated the agenda into the most intimate of human relationships - marriage, families, true friendships. 

For instance, since 2020 and leading up to this Christmas; we can see that the birdemic-peck agenda has already done astonishingly deep damage to marriages and families - and this damages increases and expands in scope with each passing month. 

People have treated their loved ones in ways that would have been regarded as frankly psychopathic just two years ago - and the situation is continuing to worsen.   

Not only love, but basic human decency, has been dissolved in face of the malignant spread of the birdemic Big Lie. 

We are now faced with a situation where all moderation, common sense, compromise; have been swept aside by the birdemic-peck agenda. 

There is now a stark choice between wholesale rejection of the entire birdemic-peck narrative - that is; no nuance, no discussion or debate, no argument or evidence but instead total deletion of the official narrative...

Or else capitulation to a Big Lie that is now, already, breaking-apart every prior human value, and all that was regarded as sacred such as the relations of husband and wife, and of parent and child. 

It ought not to be a difficult choice to reject the birdemic narrative when it is both gratuitous and observably dissolving all that we once (just two years ago) most cherished. Common sense applied to personal experience would (where it existed) discern that we have almost-everything to gain and almost-nothing to lose from deleting the birdemic... 

But in practice, for most of the population; rejection is regarded as impossible, utterly unreasonable, and recklessly dangerous. 

For many people, already, their world has already ended - and by their own enthusiastic consent - but this reality has not yet sunk-in... 

It Soon Will.      


Todd said...

Thank you. I have found more personal courage, within my current limits, to simply say it as I believe it to be: the whole Birdemic is a hoax (irrespective of whether or not the v exists as a distinct entity, natural or lab-made, or is simply a "reality-overlay" of media and lies). The response to the Birdemic is far far worse than the Birdemic. The peck is neither safe nor effective. Masking children is evil.
Your work has been a part of my evolution towards greater courage and faith in dealing with the world. It's still not easy. I have a child to support.
One of the few bright spots is that when one is open about one's views, one meets more people who are of like mind than one would have thought. They are leery of talking, seem a bit scared, but they are there. One spoke up publicly on the local city council last week - an actual alderman.
However, for a good % of our fellow men and woman, I now see that the state of Birdemia is permanent. They are all-in. It's a pseudo-religion. To question their faith is to be a heretic.
Where I live in the far north, the Climate Change hoax is particularly funny. It's as cold this winter as in my youth. 10 inches of solid ice on the big lake. To believe in the Climage Change myth is an act of faith, yet many who profess this faith still drive out on the ice in their trucks to go ice fishing. How the human mind can hold so many contradictory ideas at once is amazing to behold. It's also amazing that the Systems that keep billions alive haven't broken down more.

Anonymous said...

In how far are the interrelated attacks on concrete human persons of the past 140 years at least (I think of what I understand to be Trollope's subject in The Fixed Period, which I have still not yet read...!), the encouragements to suicide, murder, vivisection, compulsory sterilization, in the context of 'eugenics' among others, the promotion of 'euthanasia', procured miscarriages (abortus provocatus), experimentation on and commodifying of the embryonic (and, variously, all later ages), a matter of Core Big Lies, and in how far one of Gratuitous Big Lies?

In this context, I am favourably impressed by the recent 'Bethlehem Declaration' in its lucid "Challenging the moral liceity of the abortion-tainted experimental [...] and calling for universal opposition to '[...] mandates'".

David Llewellyn Dodds