Saturday 4 December 2021

The millennium really was the point of no return. (And I knew it - albeit for different reasons than now.)

I have discussed this before, but in retrospect it is ever more clear to me that the years around the year AD 2000 really were the crossing of a threshold of possibility. 

The strange thing is that I recognized this at the time - despite that I was not a Christian, and indeed my attitudes and beliefs were much closer to the opposite (pro-modernization, pro-specialization, optimistic about the future). 

If you look at my publications in the years before and soon after 2000; you will see that I was very active in public debate concerning the future of medicine, academic generally and science in particular. I was an atheist, broadly libertarian/ anarchist, and had distinctly transhumanist sympathies - which was why my main publications are located on 

And yet - even from that opposite perspective to now; I could see that what I valued most was on the cusp of being lost - that if the trends were not reversed then there would soon be a world of medicine indifferent to health and happiness, universities and schools without education, science without truth. 

I strongly felt the approaching end of Western Civilization - if serious steps were not rapidly taken to save its distinctive values. 

As the millennium approached; I can remember being psychologically-driven by the conviction that 'this is our last chance'; that if 'we' (that is doctors, academics, scientists) did not act decisively Now, then the balance of power would soon have shifted decisively towards the total-dominance of generic bureaucracy, and no effective action would again be possible.  

At the time, I did not link this to the millennium as such - indeed I was very dismissive of millennium-talk.

Two things I especially disliked. The first was that something special would happen because of the number 2000; and would therefore happen at the exact time when the number 'clicked into place'. The idea that history would be divided by whether it came before or after the arrival of 2000. 

I was also especially dismissive of what I regarded as wishful-thinking in the New Age prophesies of a more-spiritual, more-good, Age of Aquarius. This new and better life would, it seemed, be imposed upon us (without serious need for activity on our part) by high-frequency influences/ forces/ powers beamed-down-upon us from the heavens. 

We would all of us, they seemed to be saying, passively be-made better...

But, on the contrary, I saw no positive impulses incipient; but instead the approach of a doom. A time after which it would be too-late to escape sinking into a swamp of general societal collapse into leftist bureaucracy that would harness fake-medicine, fake-scholarship and fake-science to its parasitic and destructive agenda. 

I now suppose that the demonic powers of evil - or, more exactly, those 'Ahrimanic' demonic powers that have been dominant in recent centuries - do make their plans and schemes in accordance with specific numbers (and that they also deploy symbolism and ritual). 

In particular they strategize around 'decimal' numbers (They, of course, have tried for generations to impose a universal decimal system); and - for Them - certain numbers have special significance.

Another decimal year, 2020, was far more obviously a watershed year than was 2000 (although I suspect that 2020 may have been more of an opportunistic, and perhaps Sorathically motivated, work of spiteful destruction than of coldly-Ahrimanic System building). 

And now the demonic powers are working towards 2030 for the 'completion' of their current phase of global subjugation and corruption.    

Well, it all happened, and worse - just as I feared/ predicted it would.

Although now I perceive the evil to have been deliberate and of supernatural origin; rather than merely a consequence of the innate tendencies of the systemic structure of bureaucracy - combined with the weakness/ demotivation of functional specialist groups such as universities and professions.  

What interests me now, is that I was able to perceive this crossing of a threshold despite having, in so many ways, an opposite belief system. 

Currently, I tend to suppose that the year 2000 was indeed significant - and not as being accidentally clustered around that number; nor as the approximate time when certain adverse features of the industrial revolution era 'just happened' to reach a stage sufficiently advanced in destructiveness. 

Although I was not sensitive to this at the time; I now regard 2000 as primarily a spiritual watershed in terms of the possibility for a large-scale Western Christian - specifically Romantic Christian - revival.  

Having missed this 'deadline'; the possibilities of a genuine and necessary kind of Christian revival became much more limited, much less complete; and this is the reason why it became impossible to save Western Civilization. 

After we failed to grasp our last chance at the millennium; the End Times became inevitable.  


Francis Berger said...

I agree with your observations.

"And now the demonic powers are working towards 2030 for the 'completion' of their current phase of global subjugation and corruption."

Yes, unquestionably. I experienced this first hand at one of the universities I had worked for (before they terminated me for non-compliance with their red light, green light safety and peck agenda). When I returned to the campus this past fall after a long period of being forced to teach online classes, I was greeted by the 2030 goals, which had been colorfully painted on the expansive walls of every room and lecture hall in the premise during the "everyone stay at home" phase of the birdemic.

They no longer feel the need to be subtle about the global subjugation and corruption they are working toward. Quite the contrary.

Zeno said...

Well, I don't remember much of 2000 except the "millennium bug" fiasco, but 2001 was quite a watershed and dominated most our our policies of the last 20 years ("war on terror") right until 2020, when COVID changed everything again.

But perhaps the COVID coup really started in 2019, as the first cases were supposedly in that year, and the disease is called "COVID-19". 19 seems an important number (19 supposed hijackers as well).

I don't know much about the symbolism of numbers, but certain numbers and dates are clearly important for whoever plans and create such things.

I guess 2030 is the next one, we can only guess what's the plan for that one.

Jas said...

Yes, I think most people have sensed that things changed significantly after 9/11 ‘attacks’….life before then seems almost innocent.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Zeno - We don't need entirely to guess the 2030 plan - there is Agenda 2030 from the United Nations and the Great Reset from the WEF - which together amount to the same thing. Of course, the writing is deliberately misleading bureaucratese and the authors are habitual and devious liars - but the basic shape of the world they envisage can be discerned.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jas - Yes, whatever really happened on 9/11, the official 'response' was completely irrelevant to the implications of the official-narrative - in other words, the events of 9/11 were just an excuse for doing what they anyway wanted to do. In other words, exactly analogous to the birdemic and its response.

ted said...

In Robert Bolton's classic The Order of the Ages, he says around 2060 is when to defecation really hits the fan. So we may have a few extra years to prepare.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ted - That is assuming there is any validity in Robert Bolton's methods, models and predictions - so far as I know, secular long term predictions have proved essentially worthless in the past...

jb said...

The millineum bug was not in personal computers but in the chips running the electronic brains of the NPC political rulers.