Saturday 18 December 2021

There can be no peace treaty in a spiritual war - because when you surrender, you just keep-on losing

One of the great disasters consequent upon the general unawareness or denial of the current state of global spiritual war; is that when evil wins, it keeps-on winning. 

Evil is insatiable. 

In a physical war, there can be a peace treaty. The side who have lost can surrender and limit their losses. 

After defeat things nearly-always get worse - but often only up to a point; after which a steady state may arise - or things may even start to get better.  

History even provides several examples when the losing side ended-up better off than the winners. 

But this does not apply to a spiritual war. When a person, a nation or the world has been defeated by the powers of evil; as happened after the global totalitarian coup of early 2020 - things can only get worse until the situation is recognized, evil repented, the side of God and divine creation is embraced; and the defeat by evil rolled-back. 

Because evil feeds upon evil. 

Consider dishonesty - a topical subject. Lies, unrepented, always lead to further and bigger lies without end - until all of discourse is untruthful; and gets ever-more untruthful by intent and effect.

When it comes to evil, there is no negative feedback: no pendulum swing back towards Good. 

When a person, nation or the world surrenders to evil - by doing what evil wants; it is making a deal with the devil. 

And compliance with the devil does not lead to a quiet life... 

Surrender to evil is just the beginning of more-and-more, worse-and-worse problems. 


Avro G said...

This explains a lot and suggests that we have been steadily surrendering to evil for decades - though never on the scale we’ve seen in the last couple years.

Bruce Charlton said...

@AG - You are quite right - it has been going on for many generations; but over the past two years the acceleration has been astonishing.

Previously fairly normal and decent people on the wrong-side; have transformed into gibbering, cringing, groveling Wormtongues - they are now obviously and *visibly* corrupted; and they are still getting worse.

William Wildblood said...

The West has been softened up or , better put, allowed itself to be softened up for decades so that when the coup came almost everyone just jumped on board. All the same, while this was perhaps understandable at first now, almost two years later, it is extraordinary how people refuse to see what has happened, how the government, the scientists and the media just parrot one line and any opposition or dissent is completely marginalised, and the great majority don't seem to notice or care. It really is like the invasion of the body snatchers. As you say, people who seemed fairly decent have become pathetically easily corrupted.