Thursday 30 December 2021

When just-emotions is morality

When morality is just emotions; then just-emotions are also morality.

When somebody has been manipulated by the totalitarian official-corporate-media System into having some strong emotion: then that is instantly defined as morally-imperative. 

("I feel very strongly about this, Now; I experience it as absolutely morally imperative; therefore it is morally right that everybody ought-to-be compelled to endorse this - obviously! - absolute moral-principle.")

And the moral imperative dominates utterly; for exactly as long as the emotion lasts - e.g. until it is replaced by another manipulated emotion. 

Mainstream Leftism is therefore a sequence of moral imperatives, each of which is absolute when operative - each of which is constituted and validated by an emotional response.  

These sequential moral imperatives are not coherent, and are not aiming at coherence; they are simply one-after-another manipulated emotion. 

The choice of imposed emotional-moral imperatives is covert - it lies behind committees, bureaucracies, voting procedures, standard practices, strategy statements etc. But the fact that each actual major moral imperative is destructive of God/ divine creation and The Good - reveals their ultimate source and motivation to be demonic.


Eidolon1208 said...

Good summary. I was so frustrated years ago when they were pushing the gay agenda and everyone suddenly felt strongly about giving them things.

It was all so irrational; no new information was given for why society should change its approach to the issue. The situation has been understood clearly for thousands of years. We have absolutely no reason to handle it differently, but because people were told to care about it, they suddenly did.

And not only did they suddenly strongly endorse this new and extreme position, they criticized as hateful bigots anyone who continued to hold the view that they themselves held a year earlier. They seemed to have no ability to recognize that if they could hold a different view without being evil, others can too.

It was such a blatant manipulation with no supporting evidence or even rational argument that I still can't believe how well it worked, and still works.

Todd said...

Dr. Charlton:
Would you say that this prioritization of emotions is overtly feminine?
My current working idea is that masculine and feminine, reason and emotion, need to be in balance. Both have value. Reason that is cold, and unmotivated by emotions, will be sterile.
It seems that one of evil's ploys has been to unbalance most people into giving up the masculine, reason side of character, and over-emphasize emotions.
I still remember as a boy in the 70s with Alan Alda on TV making fun of the traditional masculine side of character. All part of a long planned emasculation of men in the West?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Todd - Well, yes men and women are different in that way; and also men are much more feminine now that 50 years ago (including men that make a big thing of being masculine - which is a feminine kind of thing to do!).

For this there are probably multiple causes - including *some* that are physical (genetics and environmental toxins seem likely); as well as decades of propaganda (overt and indirect).

All true - but not the main problem in a world where evil has become so advanced as to invert values - so that evil is universal, explicit, official, increasingly mandatory. In other words, when people actually want evil 'ends' calling them good - and vice versa - then functionality and means to ends become secondary issues.

If men were more masculine, and women more feminine; if everybody was healthier, energetic and more intelligent; if the economy was more efficient and technology was more advanced - as things are this stuff would just enable Men to be more effectively evil.