Thursday 31 May 2018

Explicitness is strength

Back in the sixties 'explicit' was a euphemism for pornographic - this term was important in propagating evil; nonetheless, we do need to be explicit in order to be strong.

Well - not everybody needs to be explicit - young children don't; they can and should know Good unconsciously and immersively - not explicitly. Simple people likewise - but people and like you and me? We need to be explicit.

The forces of materialist Leftism which rule this world have used explicitness to subvert and invert The World.

What happened was that in the past Good was im-plicit; it was embedded in the unconscious, the unexamined, the passive.

Materialist modernity destroyed (past tense, because it has-happened already) unconscious, accepting, traditional authority - by making things explicit; by asking repeatedly 'Why?' - or more exactly 'Why not?'

They asked why until Goodness had crumbled - but stopped asking why, long before they got to the root of things; before they got to the fundamental metaphysical assumptions upon which all 'why/ why-not questions are based...

In modern conditions, I personally have found no greater source of strength than metaphysics. When one has gone to the bottom of things; the superficiality, triviality and evasiveness of modernity is known by experience.

And having done so, I am aware that extremely few others have even tried. Among the forces of evil, none of the mass of lower level minions have done so: they merely obey their demonic masters.

To be a demonic leader, a full demon; I suppose that - by definition - one must have got to the bottom of things - reached the metaphysical root assumptions - and then actively-chosen evil, knowing the implications and consequences. That is the fall of angels, I think.

But among the people one meets and encounters in the public sphere, it is clear that their evil is secondary and superficial; a consequence of them having chosen to worship and serve evil personages and ideologies, rather than truly understanding evil.

They have chosen damnation at second-hand. 

At any rate - among the things Ive written here over the past eight years - these pieces about the  'incredible' are among the most significant to me; because by thinking and writing them I recognised what-metaphysics-really-is - which is to get to the point where we recognise that our agency must step-in...

Life is not about 'evidence' - evidence is about metaphysics.

I feel secure in my Christian beliefs because I chose them, chose them in my freedom and from my agency; and knowing that they must be chosen and cannot be compelled.

True beliefs are reality (not invented) - but reality must be chosen; it does not impose itself upon us.

Furthermore, I came up against my limitations of comprehension, expression, explanation; so I am now less likely to regard expressed/ written metaphysics as the reality - I know from experience that the written is merely a simplified and distorted model of reality. 

Anyway, in a world that is almost entirely hostile and which works by materialism, mockery, distraction; there is no greater path of strength and encouragement that I could recommend, than to think down to primary metaphysics; to your own bedrock assumptions.

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