Friday, 11 May 2018

Many mansions on earth? God's plan for salvation and theosis presumably extends down to the level of each individual person

There is a general plan of salvation - requiring the incarnation, death and resurrection of Jesus; and there is a general plan of theosis - by which we are all intended to strive for greater degrees of divinity, to become grown-up, mature Sons and Daughters of God...

But we know that God's attention goes down to the level of each person, and - presumably - everything that happens to and around us (given that nothing is random, and all determinism is actually do do with the purposes of beings) is intended (although not necessarily or usually intended for our own personal salvation and theosis - often for others).

Maybe this aspect is neglected by most Christians? - it is by me. It could be that the 'standard' model for salvation and theosis is more of the nature of an average description, than it is a simple categorical scheme into-which all-must-fit... or, at least, there will surely be such standard elements in sequence;  but it may be that our personal lives are much more 'targeted' on the spiritual needs of our pre-mortal spirit selves than is usually understood...

This would start with when and where we were born, and to whom; it may extend to the matter of God having encouraged several types of society and civilisation and circumstance to help with the needs of different types of people, of different levels of spiritual maturity...

And it may extend to a detailed level of the things that happen, and do not happen, to us each day.

Of course, we personally will not be able to know or understand most of what is going-on; but just knowing that 'something of the kind' is always going-on, is potentially a very helpful attitude to Life.

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