Saturday 26 May 2018

What does free will Look Like?

Free will looks like A Body - your body or my body.

(Maybe other kinds, forms, of body too? But this kind, at least).

Free will (or agency - better word) is an immaterial thing; it is a property of some-thing which is not a solid thing; yet a solid thing is the... expression of it.

If reality had nothing solid, if free will was dispersed across everything, equally present everywhere - then one agency could not be distinguished from another agency; it would all be a single universal entity.

Free will of a person means that person must be separated, must be focused; yet the agent is not a material thing (it is not a part of the brain, for example). And the agent thing was present before mortal life, and it will continue after death (although not to the same degree, necessarily)...

Yet in some way it is linked with the body, and a resurrected body is needed after death for it to be divinely effectual (in the way needed).

I assume that the separation of agent during pre-mortal, un-bodied life, is only partial; and when free will is potentially complete, a body is a necessary part of this kind of functionality.

Anyway, it seems that free will is not a product of and kind of solid body; but a solid body is needed for true, full, divine agency.

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Chiu ChunLing said...

Perhaps it should be said, a body that can be solid when you want it to be solid.

And can do other things in accordance with your will.

After all, this is the fundamental difference between living bodies and dead bodies.