Thursday 14 February 2019

Failing the Brexit test - revelations of fake radicalism (example: Alan 'V for Vendetta' Moore)

For an Englishman of Romantic and/ or Christian convictions, for anyone honest and on the side of Good; supporting Brexit is as near to a no-brainer as can be imagined in this complicated and confusing world.

I can understand that people might be unaware of how strategically evil is, for example, something like the United Nations - but for a person of adult years to have lived in the UK over the past forty-something years is to have multiply-experienced the European Union in its reality as a mega-bureaucracy - hence intrinsically evil; to know its true nature (anti-Christian, dishonest, destructive of beauty and virtue), and to be aware of exactly where it is inexorably aiming: totalitarianism.

Therefore, when grown-up people actively support the European Union, and lose no opportunity publicly to pour scorn and venom onto those who wish to extricate themselves and their nation from the EU - we know them for what they really are (which may be very different from what they themselves think they are).

Over the past nearly three years, the Brexit litmus test has been a revelation of many public figures. I came across a particularly egregious example today, from Alan Moore the legendary comic author of Watchmen, V for Vendetta, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen etc. One might suppose that Alan Moore is a radical, an outsider, a man of the working class; one might suppose that the author of V was against actual totalitarianism... but no!

When it comes to the crunch, when put to the test in actuality; Alan Moore shows what he really is - an active, public, explicit supporter of the agenda for evil. And indeed, given his anti-Christian, aggressively pro-sexual revolution, his hedonism, his dark occultism - that ought not really to be a surprise. But it does go to show how widely image is dissociated from truth.

Of course, Alan Moore cannot see this, cannot see how tendentious and dishonest he is; but that is exactly the special value of Brexit - Brexit cuts-through all the pose and public relations, all the mess and fuss: it focuses everything onto a single clear moral decision which every adult Englishman is well-equipped to make.

And what has been revealed is that (almost) everyone on UK public life fails this test, spectacularly! And having made the wrong decision and stuck by it, we can also observe how rapidly and extensively they have been further corrupted.

Whatever happens from now, whatever the outcomes - Brexit has been a very valuable learning experience - perhaps the most valuable experience within living memory; at least, for those who remain capable of learning from experience.


Michael Dyer said...

When a guy worships a snake god, that's an excellent indicator that he may not be on the up and up. Slightly tongue in cheek, but not totally.

Bruce Charlton said...

@MD - Indeed. But it interesting to see confirmed that nowadays 'in your face' transgressive behaviour goes hand-in-hand with servility to the project for totalitarian conformism.

Dexter said...

"Whatever happens from now, whatever the outcomes - Brexit has been a very valuable learning experience" -- and yet one suspects the knowledge gained from this learning experience will not translate into practical action. Just more sighing, hand-wringing, and futile grumbling - "yes we know they're all corrupt and evil, but what can we do? Come on, let's see what's on the telly."

Bruce Charlton said...

Dexter - For me, with my Christian perspective, what is all important is the 'practical action' in people's minds. What we can achieve in material terms is severely constrained in earthly mortal life; but thought is (potentially) free. So the learning experience I hope for would lead to that kind of freedom. That would be of limitless (because eternal) positive value; even if there was a total collapse of material conditions - which seems quite likely, either way.