Saturday 20 April 2019

How do I know For Sure that the climate change agenda is fake

While I have written various things on and around this subject: the case that the climate change agenda is a fake can all be boiled down to a single, clear fact:

Nobody can predict climate.

Or, to put it another way; there is No Reason At All to believe anyone who asserts that they can predict what will happen to the earth's climate.

No Reason, because the minimum datum required to take seriously an assertion of knowledge about the future is confirmation of a successful, precise prediction.

Since there have been no successful precise predictions of climate (and, on the contrary, a mass of vague and unsuccessful predictions) we must infer that nobody can predict climate.

Given the complexity of climate this is not surprising. Given that - as well as this complexity - we know that the primary driver of climate is the sun - and we also know that nobody knows what the sun is going to do in the future.

Nobody can predict the climate; and anyone who claims he can predict the climate is dishonest, ignorant, insane - or some combination of the three.


Francis Berger said...

That the UN and governments the world over have embraced climate change as a catalyst for political, social, and economic change is also a good indicator. At the university where I work, ninety percent of research funding from the EU is related to climate change.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Francis - It is one of the 'conveniences' about things coming to a point; that we know without further investigation that *everything* pushed by the Establishment - but especially when it is pushed hard and for many decades - is evil (or being used for actual evil purposes, whatever the facade).

And *almost*-everything (and everybody) they are strongly against is good.

We really have things easy, nowadays, when it comes to discernment!