Tuesday 23 April 2019

Why does the Global Left-Materialist Conspiracy (GLMC) Not *explicitly* declare war on Christianity?

The reason is that - being genuinely evil - the GLMC is Not an ideology of conquest, but instead a converting ideology.

If the GLMC wanted to destroy Christianity, it would name the enemy and rally the troops to destroy them. It would - for example - make it clear that Christians are being systematically (by multiple proxies) being persecuted, maimed and killed all over the world, on a daily basis. It would be made clear that this was initiated and sustained by the GLMC - and its results would be specified, measured, specified and celebrated openly... Enemy casualties would be listed.

Instead - what we see is GLMC providing covert/ deniable support; and a cover-up/ concealment of enemy casualties (who are not named as Christians).

The campaign is being conducted more like a secret police activity than a war. In other words, the GLMC works by totalitarian state terrorism not war - that is by inducing uncertainty, encouraging unfocused fear and suspicion - as a permanent state of affairs.

The GLMC have won the war, and are now engaged in the incremental pacification of the world. Christians are permeating the world; and the objective is to convert all Christians to the leftist-materialist ideology.

And, because leftist-materialism is a negative ideology, and ideology aimed at the destruction/ subversion/ inversion of Good - this ideology can be implemented simply by inducing an existential state of resentment, fear or despair - or reactive distraction/ hedonism. 

This resembles the way in which totalitarian regimes will 'disappear' people. Someone leaves work, but does not come home - the state denies any knowledge of them. In reality the individual may be imprisoned, tortured, killed - but the family will never know for sure until the individual is either released without explanation - maybe unharmed, maybe almost-dead; or the years pass and all hope is lost.

Something analogous is happening across the world.

How should Christians respond? Well, the first step - which very few Christians seem to have taken, is to know the enemy for what he is. Once that has been achieved, we will know not to believe the enemy, and to regard his acts and communications as strategically orientated towards our self-damnation.

If we fight the war on the Global stage, we have already lost. Because it is a spiritual war, it needs to be fought on the billionfold battleground of each-Man's Heart - and if we each fight it there, every Christian can (each and all) win (who truly wish to win) - and win with ease and certainty!


dearieme said...

There must be many atheists who feel that if everything eventually boils down to a struggle between the Christians and Them - the Establishment/Deep State/Swamp - they (the atheists) will back the god-botherers.

It's a bit like my feeling that the only national charity that I would trust with our money is the Sal Dals. Ironic, innit?

Bruce Charlton said...

@d - Do you mean the Salvation Army? If so, I'm afraid that they too have gone over to the dark side, as you can see from the web pages:


dearieme said...

Oh dear. And then there were none.

Dexter said...

One reason not to declare war on Christianity explicitly is the GLMC are energetically subverting it from within, in order to promote the GLMC agenda. They have already made great strides along these lines - so many Churches these days are merely catspaws for the Left and promote their solely worldly agenda.

Chent said...

GLMC has learned from the previous totalitarian regimes, such as the Soviet Union. It has learned that coercion does not work. You have to seduce people instead of scaring them. Satan has always known that.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Chent - I think you are correct; although I don't think the demonic leadership always have known that - certainly they didn't seem to act upon it until the past 70 years or so.

I think They learned from the fact that the second world war triggered a strong and significant Christian revival (as described in The Screwtape Letters, for example) - and have therefore resisted the (to Them) temptation to engage the Western populations in another war.

The result is the gradual, unsensational strategy of 'seduction' - or perhaps 'grooming' would be more accurate - that you describe (as illustrated in Screwtape Proposes a Toast).

What we seem to be seeing now is that 'the gloves are coming off' because They believe that the Western Populations are now so deeply corrupted that They can shift from gradual seduction to overt acts of humiliation, degradation, inversion; by which a person comes to accept and embrace his own damnation, actively and proudly rejecting hope and love, explicitly pro-demonic.

Such people are increasingly mainstream and explicit - eg among Media celebrities.