Friday 12 April 2019

This time of testing

The Western nations are currently being tested for our degree of corruption and collaboration.

The global Establishment seems to believe that the People are Now beaten, the time has come to implement totalitarian surveillance and control systems with greatly accelerated rapidity, and with much less attention to public propaganda, opinion management - much less concern about public opinion and agreement.

I see the arrest of Julian Assange yesterday as one of these tests, because he is supposed to have considerable support among the 'internet community' of expert hackers. If the arrest goes off without a really major and obvious wave of retaliatory internet hacking, massive 'revelations' or the like - then They will know that Anybody can be eliminated without repercussions.

I think that They are correct in assuming that the apparent hacker support for Assange is shallow and lacking in principle and will not deliver on threats - simply because that movement is not religious, is instead just a more libertarian variant of mainstream materialistic leftism. Such movements lack both courage and cohesion.

We are in a spiritual war, and only those who explicitly acknowledge that fact, those who identify the nature and aims of the evil establishment... only those who are fighting the war at the spiritual level, will be effective.

If this happens, if people start awakening to the reality pf their situation; then it will be obvious; because to be effective it must be explicit, conscious and courageous at the individual, personal, real life level.

Internet 'communities' are intrinsically both feeble, and on the wrong side.


Crosbie said...

I know this is a spiritual blog for spiritual people, but to be secular for a moment, my understanding is that the hacker 'community' is one of the most heavily infiltrated communities on earth. The penalties for hacking are extremely severe and as you point out, the members are isolated with no cohering force.

As for Assange, is he not something of an Emmanuel Goldstein character? Do you remember, when Wikileaks first came out, it was suddenly *all over* the news, despite not being the first site to specialize in government leaks, or even particularly newsworthy.

Andrew said...

Julian Assange was arrested at the direction of the Trump DOJ, with cooperation from friendly (or persuaded) UK authorities, for the purpose of providing the Trump DOJ with a 'legitimate' means to make public what evidence Assange has of the crimes of the global establishment.

-Andrew E.

Bruce Charlton said...

@C I would not go that far. I don't really know, obviously, but I think A is genuine; but he is a genuine anarchistic type leftist, and not on my side ultimately.

However, I certainly regard him as in the right and unjustly persecuted.

I have personally known many people who are victims of PC witch hunts (and experienced a couple). Almost all are leftists and secular. None, except me, have been converted to a religion, subsequently. despite persecution, all remained some kind of secular materialist leftist, as has Assange despite seven years of "house arrest".

For me this conforms that atheism is an illness which makes people incapable of learning from experience, because experience is being fundamentally misinterpreted.

Bruce Charlton said...

AE. I don't believe that interpretation. And if it was intended, it would backfire since it is dishonest and deceptive.

Matthew T said...

Re: atheism as an illness - it makes me reconsider Calvin's doctrine of predestination. Obviously by modern standards this doctrine is considered to be "unfair" but I don't know, the idea that God has "picked" some people but not others seems to go a long way towards explaining why some people just won't see.

Bruce Charlton said...

MT I do not regard it as God's decision, but the innate different natures of each individual person. We began different, from eternity.

God's hope is for everyone to choose to join the heavenly family and to participate in the work of creation - and this world is designed to encourage that outcome. But some individuals have been set against this from always, or have become so.

God does not want to exclude them, but it seems likely that many will exclude themselves.

Ranger said...

Atheism alone can't really be that, since there are former atheists There is something else at work.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Somehow I had thought Julian Assange had been arrested years ago! Must be that Mandela Effect.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ranger - I am a ex-atheist; and it was the length and difficulty of his transition (and the exceptional nature of my personality and cicumstances) that makes me realise how unlikely such a thing would be frequent or widespread.

The true fact that something is not impossible and it is never too late to repent - should not blind us to situations when something is extremely unlikely, and when repentence is, in fact, repeatedly and finally rejected despite everything.