Friday 19 April 2019

We need to notice that most of the most high status victims of political correctness are - exactly because they are high status - actually on the wrong side in the spiritual war

We need to recognise, to notice, that most of the most famous individuals who become victims of politically correct witch hunts, who get sacked or forced to resign from positions of status/ power/ wealth, are in fact on the other side.

They are nearly always leftists and materialists and atheists; and even when they self-identify as Christians then they are 'liberal' Christians who make their Christianity conform to their socio-political beliefs (which are primary).

This is a fact simply because it has become very difficult at best, and impossible in many instances, to become famous, high status, and career successful if you are serious about Christianity.

And on the other side, a serious Christian would not want to get involved with many of the activities (jobs, roles, positions) that the martyr's to PC are being sacked-from...

Exactly these elite establishment jobs (senior executives, presidents, managers, bosses of most types, communicators etc) are, nowadays, mainly concerned with propagandising, lying about and implementing the materialist, leftist, anti-Christian agenda.

So, what we are actually seeing is de facto leftists being barred from senior leftist positions.

Insofar as the witch hunting process usually involves the less-insane leftists being witch-hunted by more-insane leftists; it is a bad thing and we side with the less insane. We believe that the objectives, processes and rationales by which these things happen is a bad thing.

One has zero sympathy or support for the witch hunters and their aims and their methods.


We, in The West, are in a state of existing and increasing spiritual war. And although the witch hunting badness is on the side of evil; the well known victims of witch hunting badness are almost never on the side of good.

They are in fact on the side of evil; just as their persecutors are on the side of evil. What we are witnessing is office in-fighting among the bureaucracy of hell.

And that is an extremely important fact to recognise.

The important thing is to serve the side of Good.

We are all flawed individuals; we all contain evil as well as good - it is not the mixture or balance of nice versus nasty in us that determines salvation or damnation.

Some on the side of Good are themselves more nasty than nice. Ultimately, that does not matter - so long as they repent; and even the very best people who have ever lived must repent.

It is which side we are on that matters now and ultimately: Are you on the side of God and creation; or are you against?

And if anybody is unsure about their answer to this question... then (as of now) they are certainly on the wrong side. 


John Fitzgerald said...

How do you feel, in this context, about what's been called the 'ritual scapegoating' of Roger Scruton?

Bruce Charlton said...

@John - You mean how (recently knighted, confirmed by David Cameron) SIR Roger Scruton was sacked from a role done for Teresa May's government?

That's exactly the kind of thing I refer to.

Obviously it was wrong to sack Scruton - the methods were dishonest and motivations were anti-Good. The people who did it and approved it are vermin.

Equally obviously; Scruton is an active member of the (evil) Establishment - on the wrong side - albeit on the better fringes of it. A clever and decent man (I used to know him slightly - and his best friend very well; and I published often in his journal Salisbury Review), but he is operating on the side of darkness.

Bruce Charlton said...

Comments from Arakawa: "For some reason I was reminded of the sidelining of Richard Dawkins (when it turned out he was against all religions, not just officially-hated ones) as a quintessential example. A man adopting a position based on obviously foolish and vile motivations is persecuted by other people based on even more foolish and vile motivations."