Saturday 20 April 2019

Things are coming to a point, but there is a distinct lack of exemplary persons - why?

Things are coming to a point, such that Good and evil are becoming more clearly distinguished, and grey areas are fading.

But this may be misunderstood to mean that people are polarising into Good and bad - with Good people more Good and evil people more evil - but this interpretation would be an error. 

Certainly we do Not, nowadays, see more Good people, better people on average, more and greater Saints, an increase in morally exemplary persons. No we don't see that.

What is happening with things coming to a point is that the Good side and the evil side are becoming easier to distinguish - with a sharp bright line between them; Good and evil are becoming purer and less-mixed in actual practice.

The Good side are those who support the goals of God's creation, and who hope to join with God in the eternal work of creation - the evil side are those who oppose this.

Things coming to a point mean that it is becoming ever-more clear cut whether we choose the Good side or the evil. There is less blurring, less chance of confusion. Our choices, therefore, cluster - since the Goodness and evil are so clear and separated; when we choose, therefore, we know what we are doing.

Our choices are more conscious, more deliberate - more significant.

So even one evil choice is, in practice, marker of a disposition to choose evil. Since it marks a disposition, one evil choice is evidence of a person that is on the side of evil.

And since things have come to a point - being on the side of evil (even - apparently - on a single issue) is nowadays increasingly likely to be conclusive of a deliberate decision to oppose Good/ God/ creation.

Individuals are always a dynamic and evolving mixture of virtues and vices, good behaviours and bad; and modern fighters on the side of Good may well be notably flawed in terms of feebleness of virtue, proneness to sin, and selfish short-termism of behaviour... yet (thanks to the 'infinite' power of repentance) they may still be on the side of Good.

While, on the other side - the side of evil; individuals may have considerable virtues, and display considerable altruism and steadiness of purpose... yet these positive factors serve, in the end, merely to increase their dangerousness to the cause of Good.

Conscious and conscientious servants to the project of evil are more dangerous - because more effectively anti-Good - than impulsive, self-centred hedonists.

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