Sunday 26 September 2021

Active gold-plating - an epidemic of gratuitous evil

Something that seems to have happened over the past 18 months is that those who have long been on-the-side-of evil have moved from passive to active. 

I mean especially those in leadership and authority positions (major and petty) who no longer merely comply with the evil they are asked to do, but seek-out (to the best of their limited abilities and energies) extra evil: above and beyond that which is required of them - and that this is done from internal motivations.

We now expect evil - but cannot predict how much is expected: Almost every interaction in public discourse and behaviour has become unpredictable, to the point of feeling arbitrary.  

It has for several generations been the habit of the UK Civil Service - especially since they maneuvered the nation into the European 'Common Market' (as it was) - to do what they call 'gold-plating'; and do it at every step through-which legislation proceeds, right down to operational implementation. 

In terms of government, gold-plating means adding extra administrative requirements to the legal minimum. In terms of the spiritual war; it means that the general evil orders from the top have extra specific evil additions and twists added by each demonic level through-which they pass. 

Gold-plating itself has a passive and an active aspect. In the past, I think that most gold-plating was done to 'impress' the bosses, to pander to high hierarchy (to seek 'Brownie points - as the slang goes). But now the gold-plating is done more as an overflow of innate spite from the lower hierarchy - and may not even be known to bosses. 

Indeed, the epidemic of gold-plating may be disapproved-of by the higher levels - who are often trying to pursue a carefully graded 'lawful evil' (Ahrimanic) strategy at a safe pace - at a pace least likely to provoke awakening or backlash. 

So, if we take the core strategies of current evil such as the birdemic-peck agenda, or climate-change; people from the top to the bottom of The System - from major institutional leaders, through the many middle-managers and down to the masses - it seems that almost everybody is doing that bit more than they absolutely need to do. They are adding little extra restrictions and requirements. 

In the inverted value system that is characteristic of these End Times, this is what counts as virtue. As of 2021: feeling good comes from doing bad - inner gratification is an outcome of gratuitous wickedness imposed on others. 

And this applies even when nobody knows about it (not bosses, not anybody necessarily) - so people now choose actively perform what are (apparently) intended/ expected to be private rituals of evil - when alone, enacted even in thought - as well as asking for extra (above and beyond) evil performances from those other people with whom they interact.


Thus; there is something like an epidemic of gratuitous evil sweeping across society (apparently, across the world). 

The ultimate justification given is compliance with the leftist-materialist global strategies (e.g. birdemic, climate change, sexual revolution, antiracism) - but the truth of it is that these are tactical initiatives of personal evil; excused-by global strategies rather than generated by them. 

This is expected - since evil is not a program but oppositional to Good. It is a motivation not a state. Although a top-down New World Order may be the objective of the 2020 coup - the evolving outcome will be a generalized corruption of those who passively participate-in the strategy; leading to active and extra evil in every direction - tending towards the demonic chaos of each against all.   


Adam said...

High Bruce,

You have an amusing type a few paragraphs in - God-plating instead of Gold plating.

Apart from that, a good piece. I agree with its premise but I wonder if the continual fiddling by the lower level underlings will work against those behind the evil sitting near the top. Such as the inevitable outcome of chaos. They desire lawful evil but such organisation inevitably becomes chaotic.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Adam - Thanks.

But you should know that, by the law of compensation, every comment that points-out a typo will itself also contain a typo - such as 'High' instead of 'Hi'...

Adam said...

Actually my comment has multiple typos. Such is life.

Epimetheus said...

I wonder if God can pull some miraculous Shakespearan ending out of all this.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Adam: "I wonder if the continual fiddling by the lower level underlings will work against those behind the evil sitting near the top. Such as the inevitable outcome of chaos. They desire lawful evil but such organisation inevitably becomes chaotic."

I agree - Indeed, I was intending the post to say exactly that!

I suppose it's a bit like reading mass media; where the truth is mostly unknowable, but we know for sure that "the official narrative" is Certainly false.

Similarly, we do not know what will actually happen as the evil-establishment continue with their "Great Reset/ Agenda 2030" plans for global omni-surveillance and total control - but we do know that *that* will certainly Not happen

Ann K. said...

Another inversion . . . Evil demands the pandering by underlings that you mention.

The triune God seeks only our freely given obedience and faith. More than once, Jesus said that the choice is ours.

If we are lost and seek Him, we will be found. But only if we make the first move.

whitney said...

You wonder? Of course he can. Trust in the promises of Christ especially when everything has manifest itself so clearly. We might be going through the narrow gate but it's really easy to see. Thank God

Bruce Charlton said...

@w - I think E 'wonders' about refers to this mortal world. Your 'of course' applies (of course!) to the promise resurrected life beyond death.

What will happen in this world (and to this world) is still a legitimate matter of 'wondering', because the promises of Christ do not apply to this world; indeed, there are explicit statements in the New Testament that this world will end.

I can't see any chance of a Good ending, unless a lot more people repent their evil and come to *want* Good.