Saturday 18 September 2021

"None are safe until all are safe" By believing Satanic lies, we serve evil

Francis Berger has seized-upon and analyzed this new mantra of totalitarianism. It is a nice example of demonic cleverness (and a clever example of demonic 'niceness'). 

Because (obviously!) nobody can ever be safe; what They are actually talking about is fear, not safety; and emotional state, not a material state. 

None-are-safe-until... amounts to the Establishment (the System) claiming the moral necessity to 'treat' an imputed or inferred dysphoria (unpleasant feelings) by means of population-wide coercion - even when the assumed dysphoria is a single person (or tiny minority). 

Even when the fear has itself been (systematically) induced by The System; and even when the intervention claimed to reduce fear actually increases it.

So - "None are safe until all are safe"... An obviously evil ploy, yes? A transparently manipulative lie? Yes, indeed! Yet another Litmus Test suitable for identifying that a person/ institution is on the side of evil in the spiritual war.

So, if any still doubted that the major self-identified 'Christian' churches now serve the side of Satan, and are strategically opposed to God and divine creation; all doubts have now been removed - since the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Anglican leaderships have (for the first time in history) issued a proclamation strongly endorsing this phrase and concept (third sentence), making it the primary global imperative. 

(Note: Significantly this demonic statement, although wholly political and worldly, nonetheless uses 'God' several times; but never mentions the name of Jesus. Others have noticed this pattern in demonic statements, over many centuries: an extreme reluctance of the servants of Satan to mention Jesus Christ. It is not impossible for them to say 'Jesus', but they obviously hate doing it unless they are simultaneously diminishing Jesus to the status of mere-Man. Presumably, however, when They say 'God' they are inwardly substituting the idea of 'Satan', for God our loving Father, the Creator.)

The orthodox-traditional Christian must wake or perish. 

There are but two choices for self-identified Christians: follow your church and obey its leadership; or follow Jesus Christ. 

It is one of the saddest experiences of the past 18 months to observe one after another devout, serious, informed, loyal Christian being-led (by the primacy of their obedience to their church's authority) onto the side of the Global Establishment - which is the side of evil. 

Because; by believing the lies of Satan; we serve Satan. By obeying those who believe the lies of Satan; we serve Satan. 

It really is is as simple as that. 


Avro G said...

I can say “God” and mean one thing and you can interpret it to mean something completely different. But hey, we’re both talking about God so we must be on the same side, right? Even the name Jesus alone can be thrown around in a casual meaningless way. I try to always say, “the Lord Jesus Christ.” Pretty much airtight.

Bruce Charlton said...

@AG - Well, in this era people seem able (as was not often possible in the past) to lie pretty brazenly; and old ideas about demons not being able to say the word Jesus does not apply.

Nonetheless, it seems that it is painful (or disapproved of) for the servants of evil to speak clearly and explicitly about Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior - at any rate, it is common to find that church leaders make very few (or indeed zero) references to Jesus in their public communications (except to 'demythologize' Jesus, or make him out to be a proto-communist or the like).

On the other hand, 'They' are very skilful at making it seem that They have said (and promised) what They have not. Recall that they regard language as purely a mechanism of manipulation, and not at all as a mode of communication.

And I have heard it said that The Antichrist (assuming he is a person) will appear to be a real Christian - in *almost* every respect. However, that situation may already be upon us, in that there are (for example) many devout and serious Roman Catholics who regard the current Pope as a great and true Christian leader - despite everything.

So a full-blown Antichrist would have a Very easy time of it.

Epimetheus said...

That joint statement is shockingly materialistic. Like you say, nothing about Jesus Christ, the soul, or the afterlife. They're only concerned with this world. Weird how no one in any position of power talks about taking action on the incredible psychological pain and suffering drowning the entire modern world ie. the vast mental health crisis, the ocean of addiction, suicide etc etc. To hear them talk, everything is fine except for them white men and that weather.

"Don't worry about that bottomless pit of broken hearts swallowing the youth, comrade - the temperature outside's going up a couple degrees!"

I hope people wake up soon.

Joseph A. said...

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Pope Francis Archbishop of Canterbury Justin

What a trio! Bart is bad, but he may not be the worst PoC in history (Meletios Metaxakis is a candidate), but Frank and Justin . . . can any of their predecessors "top" them? For Rome, I'd say no. Give us a Borgia or a 10th century pervert any day -- terrible sinners but Doctors of the Church compared to Bergoglio. I don't know enough about Canterbury -- or Justin for that matter. I don't care much for Thomas Cranmer, but he was impressive man, nonetheless. Welby seems like an earnest, pious fellow, but he is weak as water. Can no one stand for truth in Britain?

Jonathan said...

"When They say 'God' they are inwardly substituting the idea of 'Satan'". But they can't do that with Jesus Christ. That's a very interesting observation.

Which brings up a question I've been very interested in for the last few years: does God (our God, not theirs) have a name? Is it Yahweh? Is it "I am that I am"? It seems like an exceedingly important question to me. I'm reasonably confident that our Creator has a name, but not at all confident of what that name is. Do you have an opinion about that, Bruce?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Joseph - I have expressed myself on the subject of Justin Welby a few times!:

@Jonathan - I personally tend to use the formulation I did in the post - God the Creator, our loving Father* - which threefold description distinguishes the Christian concept of God: creator, parent, loving.

*As I have often written, I believe that God 'The Father' is actually a dyad of Heavenly Mother and Father; and love of our Heavenly Parents is the principle of creation, and why we are men and women, eternally.

I don't believe that Christians 'have to' believe this dyadic metaphysics to be Christian - the vast majority of Christians do Not believe this! However, it has not proved possible to make a fully coherent and satisfactory *Christian* metaphysics (to my understanding) on the basis of God being a unity. There is a single origin of the creation in which we dwell (i.e. the creation including procreation of our Heavenly Parents), but the full divinity of Jesus shows us that reality is ultimately plural, not unity. Indeed this is God's purpose and intention for Men - that we should become fully divine, fully creative, 'grown up' children - like *in kind* to God the primary creator, but dwelling *within* that primary Creation.

Joseph A. said...

Wow -- you gave the poor archbishop the Lawrence Auster treatment (incisive). In fact, I could almost hear Auster's voice when you commented on JW's vestments. Alright, I guess Justin gets the title of worst successor to Thomas Becket.

I often read traditionalist RC sites, and they understandably comment a lot on what the current pontiff is doing. It's terrible. It's easier for us (Orthodox), as we've a long history of disappointing treachery among bishops -- and we don't have the same doctrinal complications with infallibility. And we've become numbed to the antics of "His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch" -- thirty years is long but less than ten compared to what the Hebrews suffered in the desert. At least, it's unlikely that the Latins will share the same lengthy misfortune.

As Fr. Z. prays, "let their eyes be opened -- or closed permanently."