Monday 27 September 2021

Silence is complicity

Because modern leftism is - more and more - a matter of value-inversion; They often adopt Good forms while reversing their purposes. 

For example, antiracism must now actively be propagated or else it is assumed that the person or institution is racist. Silence is complicity in the assumed racism of society. And it should be acknowledged that this is perfectly true, in terms of the modern usage of the concept of racism. 

Indeed, if one is white, then one is racists even when antiracism is adopted as one's primary value - but not to say anything in certain contexts (when the subject of race arises), means that the person/ institution has not 'repented' their racism, and so is 'on the other side'. 

There is no grey area, no race-blindness or ignoring; there are just two sides in the ideological race war which has been enforced upon the world by its leadership; and everyone is therefore necessarily and in-fact on one or the other side. 

Objectively, according to public consensus (now defined by the Global Establishment and all its major institutions - including churches): when one is not actively on the antiracist side, and actively embracing (thinking, saying, doing) what that side prescribes; then one just-is on the other side - called racist.

This is correct, in that these are the End Times when grey areas disappear, when there are indeed only two side - and these sides become more and more widely-separated; so anyone who is not on one side is by definition on the other; and the refusal to declare sides and identify one allegiance is nonetheless sufficient. 

From my side in the spiritual war, saying nothing about subjects of actual major importance is highly diagnostic of allegiance. In particular, when I see people or institutions carrying-on as if nothing special had happened in the past 18 months; I know that they must have joined the other side as surely as if they had actively espoused the birdemic-peck cause or embraced the antiracist slogans and rituals. 

We are living is absolutely extraordinary and unprecedented times, following a successful and silent global coup, and all powerful and prestigious social institutions and their leaders are now part of a System motivated by evil, and evil in thought and analysis. 

In sum, there has been a global spiritual battle for control of the public realm of discourse and power, and the side of evil has won. 

This is now perfectly explicit and clear to anyone who is not affiliated with the motivations and modes of the evil Establishment; therefore, any person/ institution who demonstrates (by attitude, affect, word, deed) unawareness of this situation Just Is on the side of evil. 

This is an extremely harsh judgment, that apparently embraces nearly everybody and nearly all kinds of organization; but it is a plain fact that needs acknowledging. Anything else is a species of lie and complicity in lying. 

The judgment is harsh and the spiritual consequences are clear - but that is how things are in times like these. 

Matters are very simple. There are only two sides - Us and Them. If you are not Us, then you are objectively Them. And this allegiance shows in almost everything you think, say and do. Almost everything now, and ever-more things with each passing week.


And/But judgment and consequences may be reversed in a trice by any individual (or institution) that repents; and joins with the side of Good. 

That too is very simple. 

Any-one who wants Good, wants resurrected life in Heaven, can have it - there is no obstacle... except that worst of all possible obstacles: that one does not want Good, does not want life eternal; that one actively prefers lies, death and hell - and desires evil.   


Ann K. said...

“So anyone who is not on one side is by definition on the other”

I believe that’s true only in one direction. Those who do not profess Christ risen and obey His commandments are by definition on the other side.

The reverse is not true.

Stephen Macdonald said...

The absolute truth of what Bruce has written is, perhaps paradoxically, a reason I have profound hope today. It was the decadent luxury of the age that preceded this new one that made Christ seem irrelevant to millions. Confusion and "gray areas" are conducive to Satan, bright lines between good and evil are not. The great mass of mankind will surely side with evil in the new age, but millions upon millions more -- upon stark confrontation with naked cosmic evil for the first time in their lives -- will instead experience spiritual revelation and be reborn in Christ. The scales will fall from their eyes.

Let's seek them out now and encourage them with joyful hugs in in the midst of this worldly charnel house.

Bruce Charlton said...

@AK - I am talking in this post about how people actually are - Not about how me might infer how they are.

Bearing in mind:

@N - Yes. I write these pieces because it is psychologically (as well as spiritually) helpful to know how things really are - and that this is different from the past. 2021 really is a different world from 2019, and this clarity ought to be a great help for the many Christians who have been deluded by the slow and incremental apostasies of the past decades.

For instance, it was hard for many people to recognize how church leaders had become fifth columnists and traitors, working to subvert and invert their churches. Following global church closures and explicit statements that 'health' is more important than anything else - and that churches must abandon sacraments and works of spiritual mercy at a time when (allegedly) they were never more needed; the falsity of leaders is now about as obvious as it ever can be (given that evil will always lie about its intentions).

Those who are now misled by their church leaders have made the choice to believe known liars and apostates - and so have taken personal responsibility for whatever eventuates from such service to evil.

GFC said...

Dr. Charlton, that's an interesting comment (and Orthosphere is a great site, I learned of it from you, thank you).

For my money, I do think they are aware of what they are doing. Spiritual men, but on the other side, as you say. Many (but not all) minds on the other side, the spiritual women and men who have consciously turned against God, are sketched out in their motivation through the character of the Grand Inquisitor, from the Brothers Karamazov. That was a remarkable chapter in a remarkable book. I believe there are many leaders, particularly in the contemporary church, who fit that profile to a T, and abandon their flock to Satan for the same reasons.

Bruce Charlton said...

@GFC - Francis Berger is also fascinated by the Grand Inquisitor -

Bruce Charlton said...

Alex has left a new comment on your post "Silence is complicity": "The great mass of mankind will surely side with evil in the new age, but millions upon millions more -- upon stark confrontation with naked cosmic evil for the first time in their lives -- will instead experience spiritual revelation and be reborn in Christ. The scales will fall from their eyes." Catholic channels on Youtube talk a lot about "the Warning" and the "illumination of conscience", events that are supposed to take place in the near future.