Thursday 9 September 2021

In this global spiritual war, seek your compensatory strengths

That this world is one of spiritual warfare seems more obvious now than ever. Furthermore, the side of Evil - the side of Satan, demons; their slaves, servants and dupes; the side that opposes God, divine creation and The Good - is very obviously triumphant on a global and institutional scale. 

Especially since the global totalitarian coup of early 2020; the self-identified Christian churches are revealed as weak, corrupted onto the side of evil, and also in rapid decline (with international sustained closures, and near-cessation of core Christian activities).  

But because value-inversion* is more advanced than at any time and place in history; this situation is concealed from consciousness among the mass of people. 

(*Value-inversion is the inversion of Good and Evil, by which truth, beauty and virtue are replaced by their opposites; and where lies, vileness and sin are by mass-propaganda, officially and legally promoted.) 

Any honest appraisal of the current situation by an individual serious Christian will know all this. 

But there are compensations! Inevitably and necessarily!

How can I be sure? Simply because God is Good, God is The creator (and always creating), we dwell in God's creation; and God loves each of us as his children. 

Therefore, God will ensure that all who choose to take his side in the spiritual war will be granted the strength to do so. 

When the whole, global public realm has been corrupted and inverted to the active pursuit of evil and destruction of The Good; then (obviously!) God will ensure that each individual who wishes to defy evil and adhere to Good will be enabled to do so

So, if you are a Christian who is not yet aware of the compensations of these times; then perhaps you should seek and discover them in your condition?

Because they are Now a fact of life: a fact of your life. 


William Wildblood said...

I consider computer technology to be a net evil but God can bring good out of that technology through blogs such as this and it certainly gives people otherwise isolated in their beliefs access to a like-minded community of fellow believers in a way that would not otherwise be possible. That's one of the compensations of living in the present dark ages.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Yes, and - as usual - this potential benefit only applies if we use individual discernment.

I expect that there is not a single church in the world that would point people at what I would regard as valuable Christian blogs.

Stephen Macdonald said...

Bruce you are most certainly filling a vital role. (I trust you are indifferent -- and immune -- to flattery so that's not my intent.)

Your posts resonate with a certain type of man in a way no other blogger can seem to achieve, at least none that I've come across. Just now I've forwarded this post to three men I know well -- an atheist and two who are struggling with a full commitment to Jesus. I simply know your words -- or rather the Holy Spirit speaking through you -- will sway these men toward Christ.

I could not agree more that there is much for each of us to do, and that we will be given the strength to do it. Within the fellowship of believers alone, many are becoming shaky and afraid. If nothing else, we can seek to reach these people and help them to bolster their trust in a loving Father who is impervious to the depredations of this demon-infested world.

ben said...

"Bruce you are most certainly filling a vital role."

Your posts and books taken together make a strong case for the reality of the supernatural, divine, demonic and so on. But a strong case to a man's systematizing mind. The sort of man with no instinct for this sort of thing. Very valuable.