Friday 24 September 2021

On the side of God? Some triads...

Who is on the side of God? We must judge, and that by (primarily) intuition; and act upon our best judgments - but where to start? 

Even before we start:

1. We must want Heaven (see below): want The Good

2. Recognize the spiritual war of this world

3. Use spiritual discernment (by 'intuition', direct-knowing, heart-thinking...).

What attributes does someone need to take the side of God as of 2021; ie. in these End Times characterized by near-universal social and institutional evil by value-inversion? 

1. Being a Christian - that is, wanting to follow Jesus Christ to resurrected life eternal in Heaven.

2. Having personal spiritual experience of direct knowing. +/- Revelations from the Holy Ghost. (But nowadays, external guidance, even from the Holy Ghost, cannot routinely or for long be the only or primary guidance.)

3. Display discernment - e.g. of truth from lies, especially of the Big Lies of this era.

To explain:

1. If someone does not want resurrection to Heaven (e.g. he wants annihilation of the self, or Nirvana); then he will not understand this life correctly; nor will this mortal life be both necessary and eternally valuable - and yet also secondary to eternity.   

2. If someone has only secondhand and external knowledge of the divine; then (as of 2021) he will be corrupted (to the side against God; already, sooner, or later) by the fact that this is a world dominated by evil purposes in all institutions and nations - a social world of inverted values. 

3. One who fails to discern with respect to vital matters (those Big Lies that shape the worldly institutional strategies) then (given that the pressure toward evil from these is continual and increasing) his tendency will be towards corruption and self-damnation. Thus the Litmus Tests

Remembering that, although we personally need to discern and act upon these judgments - or perish; nonetheless:

1. We can only infer another's real mind and intent. (Nobody knows that, not even God.)

2. We know only about now But not the future, which is subject to personal agency.).

3. Whatever happens in this mortal life; the final decision about Heaven (the possibility of eternal commitment to live by Love) comes after death.


a_probst said...

Re: The second triad, item 1. I thought God could read minds.

First triad, item 2. Doesn't the average religious person have only a secondhand and external knowledge of the divine? That includes even many who hold to tradition, who 'believe though they have not seen'.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ap - These are matters you need to consider and discern for yourself. I report what came from my own thinking.