Wednesday 6 October 2021

Denying what actually already is; by warning that it "might" happen, unless...

I have noticed that most people who are 'concerned' about the direction the world is taking are clearly unaware of the actual state of the actual world now. 

The media are full of warning of what might (or will) happen if present trends continue; when it would instead be accurate to say that these bad outcomes have already happened - often some decades ago. 

Therefore, such warnings are profoundly, mischievously, misleading - and indeed reality-denying. 

For example, those who warn about the increasing corruption of science, when the fact is that science (real science) is long since dead: its motivations, funding, practices, publications, prestige-system and personnel are all overwhelmingly anti-scientific - and have been for decades. 

Those who warn about the 'danger' of incipient totalitarianism in the wake of a successful global totalitarian coup in early 2020 - evidenced by mono-themed, multi-institutional, omni-surveillance and micro-control which everybody has personally experienced.  

Or warning about the possible collapse of the Christian churches due to demographic shrinkage; when these churches are revealed now as pseudo-Christian (Anti-christ-ian) shells, having taken the side of Satan in the ongoing spiritual war. 

In other words; people seem to have no idea about the actual state of the actual world - now! 

This is, ultimately, because there are no objective facts; and the state of the world is something that each of us creates by the concepts we bring to understanding it.  

It is the truth - or otherwise - of these concepts that determines the reality of this mortal world. It is the pervasiveness of anti-God, anti-divine creation, anti-Good concepts that blinds the world to the world. 

By my observation; what has happened is simply that the concepts have changed en masse; passively, among the world population, by absorption of a global and micro-directed top-down and purposively-evil ideological control...

And therefore the reality of the masses is now interpreted in ways that accord with the Satanic agenda.  

The way out - the only way out - is to adopt the concepts of God, and reject those from the devil. 

And this can only happen (in the world as-is) by each of us consciously choosing the true concepts for our-selves; from our God-given and divine autonomy and agency. 

Active, conscious choice is now the only path to Good; and all that is passive, automatic and merely absorbed or obedient is organized in opposition to divine creation. 


Sasha Melnik said...

As someone who thinks they're paying attention, it's a particularly painful point. We're (in the general, populace) deeply blind to changes that take place. Our self-deception is so great. Our populaces are almost entirely confused, ignorant and self-deceiving.

Even when in possession of the knowable facts, they are lost as to making a (positive) decision based on them. Adding to, or reaffirming, the facts isn't going to make a good decision happen. Life just isn't real to our minds.

Our frail societies are incapable of direct change in behaviour or thought. Change is done 'by accident' and 'at scale' - the factor is time. We're literally waiting for a portion of our society to die out so that we can accept the truth of our new changed world, and perhaps, I pray, change.

The expression "fait accompli" comes to mind. I'm watching a generation (or more, deathvakks depending) die.

The world changes and nobody seems to notice. It's been my direct observation that those of us who dare notice seem quite mad to the rest.

Another analogy... which is in some way related to visions and dreams I have..

It's like the end stage of a game of Tetris. God only knows what will happen.

Sasha Melnik said...

I was rereading your post. and I'm trying to come up with an expression.

So far.. my thoughts go towards a mix of 'gaslighting' with 'crying wolf'.

But it's somehow a deeper inversion than just those two concepts, the ends need to be expressed also, the "Mass Self-Deception."

Ann K. said...

Amen! And a great reminder that dwelling on the past or anticipating the future distracts us from the moment at hand.

Christians must practice inner stillness and awareness—mindfulness in every moment—if we are to stay on the narrow path. The devouring lions are all too real.

jana gatien said...

People prefer the fake problem of birdemic to the real problem of evil/utter corruption. With birdemic, all they must do is wear a mask and get injections to play their part as minor hero. It's like a big lollipop problem for kindergarteners. They seemingly will do anything to avoid acknowledging a far greater problem which demands a far greater solution. They are, en masse, from what I am witnessing, completely disavowing their own self-authority. They do not want to know. They want to be told what the birdemic is and what to do about. They mock those who've chosen to consider the matter independently of sanctioned authorities. To look at evil means they must spiritualize their view from their totally materialized consciousness. And I don't know if that is possible. Or perhaps possible, just not likely.

Bruce Charlton said...

@jg - I increasingly believe that there is very little that we can do to help people with this - at least not directly.

The whole things seems to have been (and perhaps has been) set-up so that each person must do it *for himself*: must awaken to the nature and reality of the spiritual war and its worldly manifestations.

Nobody can do it *for* anyone else - no matter the motivation or relation.

A very *pure* Christian situation, in other words: boiled-down to its essence.

Truth to Life said...

Nearly two years into this psyop, I am still shocked that most people don't see the forced experimental quack scenes, "peck passports," and all the rest as painfully obvious tyranny. Like you mentioned in another post, I find this especially weird given all the dystopian books and films that portray similar scenarios, supposedly serving as warnings. People root for rebellious characters like the guy in V for Vendetta, but then in real life they act like the mindless extras in the background, doing whatever they're told.

Bruce Charlton said...

@TtL - I suppose it is partly because most people regard media as Real Life - and when they imaginatively identify with the heroes depicted by media, then that is what counts as 'real' heroism.