Wednesday 3 November 2021

The material is spiritual - therefore pseudo-high-spiritual indifference to the material is a lie and a fake

All material is spiritual but the spiritual is larger than the material.

This means that all material impositions Just Are Spiritual. So that when birdemic-peck rules and restrictions are imposed upon church services and interactions; this is a spiritual imposition. 

For the ruling evil Establishment - the mainstream ideology is that there is no spiritual; but when they impose material changes upon society (and upon Christians) - they switch their argument to stating that the truly spiritual ought to be above the material - for example that a truly spiritual Christian would be utterly indifferent to the material changes imposed in the name of 'health'. 

The exact phenomenon can be observed about any other societal function. The idea that education, science, law, policing, even medicine itself - are not affected by imposed material changes from the bidemic, climate change, antiracism, or the sexual revolution; and that those truly dedicated to the primary activity would be unconcerned by them. ...

That (for instance) a 'real', dedicated, idealistic teacher or doctor would be indifferent to operating among birdemic restrictions - just as a spiritual priest would 'rise above' the trivial irrelevances of masks, distancing, sanitizing etc. 

A real appreciator of drama, film, music or the arts (They say) would be able to (and should - if they were serious) ignore and not 'obsess-over' politically correct distortions and woke-messaging - leftist propaganda - in the media and arts they engage with. 

All this is false - a deceptive and manipulative lie. 

All material has spiritual implications and is expressive of spiritual intentions. And all the above material changes are motivated by evil. 

Only one who is complicit with the agenda of evil could or should be indifferent to the purposive material manifestations of evil as they infiltrate those social activities he cares deeply about. 

The material is spiritual; material change is spiritual change - so when that material change of evil provenance imposes upon that which we value; indifference signifies not a 'higher' and more-spiritual attitude - but habitual servitude to The Agenda. 


William Wildblood said...

Absolutely right. The corruption of the material is actually an attack on the spiritual. Similarly with the distortion of the natural that is everywhere these days. That is an attempt, a deliberate attempt on the part of those beings behind it, to damage the spiritual.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Made invisible, of course, by the refusal or inability to discern the primarily spiritual motivation behind the birdemic.

@Nova has left a comment:

"This is obviously true to any Christian capable of discernment, and who is sensitive to the Presence. Compulsory masking and coerced pecks rend the spiritual fabric of a church so badly that in most cases that church undergoes greatly diminished presence of the Holy Ghost, and in a case with which I am intimately familiar, complete supplanting of the Holy by the profane. Fear is vastly more contagious -- and infinitely more dangerous -- than the relatively trivial birdemic."

@Nova - I think that the damaging effect of these intrusion is substantially negated by repentance - for instance if the priest was to make it clear that these compelled changes were indeed evil in intent and consequences.

Alexeiprofi said...

Matter is the outer side of consciousness, which is needed to recognize its state by another consciousness. Also, all ideals are needed to change our world, so it is pointless to ask to be indifferent to it. If the real world was not needed, it would not exist. Also, ultimately, God must be everything, because if he is not everything, then there is a separate reality independent of him, and thus he is not God, so there is no division into material and spiritual at all, although one can distinguish between the physical and the metaphysical.

Bruce Charlton said...

"ultimately, God must be everything, because if he is not everything, then there is a separate reality independent of him, and thus he is not God,"

That is just a matter of definitions. God can be otherwise defined e.g. as the prime creator - which I believe to be the best brief description of God. To be the primary creator does not entail being everything - indeed if God is everything he cannot (by common sense reasoning) be a creator, since he could only re-arrange stuff already always there.

Indeed, I think the 'omni-God' brings into Christianity the alien concept of oneness metaphysics - as with Platonism, Hinduism and Buddhism - and creates an incoherence which has plagued Christianity since early in in history.

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Alexeiprofi said...

I am CTMU follower