Saturday 4 December 2021

How Jungian psychology became the spirituality of mainstream global Leftism

There is a deep structural similarity between the psychology of CG Jung on the one hand and mainstream New Leftism (post-sixties Leftism) on the other; which has led the two into a symbiotic relationship. Nowadays it is the broadly-Jungian New Age that provides spiritual depth and a therapeutic rationale to the project of Leftism. 

The structural similarity is that Jung and the Left are both therapeutic in structure - they diagnose problems and prescribe solutions to alleviate and remove the problems. Jungian psychology takes its therapeutic stance towards the individual; Leftism to society. 

Thus, both diagnose a negative disharmony and state of disintegration and conflict as baseline. This negative is the situation in which all individuals and all societies are assumed to exist: already and inevitably. 

Then, both Jungian psychology/ spirituality and Leftism both claim to cure this pre-existing negative situation with therapeutic interventions intended to lead to integrated cooperativeness, wholeness, unity... 

Since the 1960s, the 'New' (post-Marxist) Leftism has 'diagnosed' society (all societies) as suffering from various psychological disorders - such as racism, misogyny and 'phobias' - e.g. of sexual identities or religions. 

Modern environmentalism projects this disorder onto the planetary ecosystem - as a sickness of Gaia ultimately caused by wrongness in the minds of Men. Environmental sickness therefore needs to be treated by the same kind of psychological and therapeutic interventions and restructuring as do the disorders of racism, homo/trans-phobias, misogyny etc.  

The recent birdemic-peck phenomenon has also been assimilated to the Jungian therapeutic model; which is why it has been treated primarily by essentially 'psychological' forms of restructuring at the social level - i.e. by changing human attitudes, understandings, relationships and behaviours - all at a global scale.   


Thus we get to the basic assumption of all politics today: That all Men and all Societies are sick and in absolute need of urgent therapy. 

Therapy... but from whom? From, implicitly, an elite of Global Healers. 

Hence the 'need' for a World Government with total powers. Anything less than this; dooms the planet and all its people to terminal disorder and death. 

And since early 2020; an elite of all-powerful Global Healers is exactly what we have got.

Left-politics (which, nowadays, is just all of mainstream, global 'politics' - everywhere in the world) presents itself as a societal therapy by which the innate sicknesses - i.e. the irrational prejudices and hatreds, phobias, delusional beliefs (i.e. the sub-types of 'denialism') etc - will all be cured by a kind of social-level 'psychotherapy'.

This Left-therapy starts with therapeutic 'consciousness-raising'; the intent to replace pathological motivations by the encouragement of 'healing' attitudes and beliefs. 

Such 'encouragement' of positivity is what lies behind the enforcement of correct - i.e. therapeutic - attitudes throughout all mass and social media discourse, and in private life. 

Because the whole of society is seen as sick; the Leftist project sees itself as (in effect) transforming our sick society by rebuilding it into a 'therapeutic community'. 

That is, a community which embodies only examples of healing attitudes, beliefs and behaviours; a community which excludes all attitudes/ beliefs/ behaviours that tend to sustain 'sicknesses' such as racism and other irrational hates, phobias and delusions.

This process is not seen as censorship, manipulation or political propaganda; but is regarded as a common-sense 'medical' intervention to cure disease and restore health in all people, groups and places.  

So much for the theory and claims of Leftism. But Leftism is unmasked to serious Christians as a demonic strategy; rooted in lies. Its basic analysis is false, negative and arbitrary. And its supposed cures and therapies lead to not to healing - but to endemic sickness and accelerating dis-integration. 

Leftism's global 'therapeutic community' turns-out to be variants on a literal prison: with more of the same promised. 

Its Global Elite of self-styled healers and harmonizers lead to results indistinguishable from the activities of parasites and wreckers. 

Its 'consciousness raising' has been the conversion of public discourse into a realm of value inversion, honesty and goodness excluded; instead a tissue of lies and the insidious advocacy of sin and evil.  

Such is our situation. The 'facts' are there: the word-wide triumph of Jungian-Leftism; the totalitarian global governance; the convergence of all public discourse in all social systems. 

What is at issue is whether the current and developing situation is a constructive, therapeutic and existentially necessary response to the innate sickness of this planet and global population and the crises that assail it? Or the stepwise, strategic, deliberate destruction of all that is Good; because it is Good? 

Are we on broadly the right lines, and being led by persons of basically good-intent and will? Or are we being led - deliberately - towards a demonic anti-world?

One or the other. 


John Goes said...

Lots of food for thought here.

In my teenage years, as an atheist, I became deeply interested in Carl Jung's thinking because it seemed to offer a cure to alienation - a meaningful path in a world that seemed meaningless. Jungian therapy was elevated to a quest for the philosopher's stone - the Whole Self. It was thrilling to think that in *some* sense, the world was alive and mythical, and that I might be able to live a mythological life.

Like Hinduism, Jungian psychology seemed to affirm every religion as pointing to some truth; although strictly speaking the truths were always about the "structure" of human psychology, and consistent with materialist assumptions of a dead world. But Carl Jung, like his modern exponent Jordan Peterson, liked to allow for some mystery as to whether or not this might go beyond psychological truth to something "real". But this mystery was always elusive, and ultimately never really treated as real beyond the interior life of any one person.

As with most errors, this is a distortion of the true path. Life *is* a quest. There *is* great meaning to decipher at the level of the individual. The interior life *is* of great importance, and paying attention to one's thinking can lead to spiritual riches.

The *problem*, as you mention, is that this path has proved itself, over time, to be purely negative. Eliminate pain. Heal division. Overcome conflict. Jung talks about individuation, which sounds like the flowering/discovery of the True Self, but without God and Heaven, the path devolves into hedonism and worldliness - meaningless pleasure-seeking and pain-avoidance.

In a world where spiritual reality is ruled out a priori, and actively rooted out, the systematic approach of Jungian psychology is a perfect framework for the pursuit of the demonic agenda. Focus remains on THIS world, reductionist assumptions are preserved, people are enabled to lie to themselves about the spiritual "depth" of such thinking. It is a great spiritual anesthetic for people marching to hell.

Jack said...

I believe Jung himself said towards the end of his life that after so many decades of inward searching and psychoanalysing himself he was still no closer to finding his "true self". The very premise of psychoanalysis (as well as its collective analogue, what we might call socioanalysis) is somewhat vain, in that it assumes there's an integral whole *immanent* to the human person or human society, when both revelation and reason tell us that the Source of our being is beyond ourselves (transcendent). Therefore wholeness is to be sought, individually and collectively, not in endlessly analysing, managing, re-orienting, planning (etc.) ourselves but in dying to ourselves as to be one with that Source, our Creator.