Monday 5 December 2022

Ben Stokes and the difference great leadership can make

We in The West inhabit a world of institutional mediocrity - where a mixture of over-promoted middle managers and psychopaths are in charge of global, national and functional institutions. 

There are very few good, and no great, leaders in mainstream public life...

The exceptions may be found in some competitive sports. Here we can see the truly vast difference that great leadership can make when compared with the usual poor-mediocre standards.  

Until last summer, the England cricket Test Captain was Joe Root; who is one of the greatest modern batsmen - but a poor captain. 

Last summer, Ben Stokes took-over, for lack of any alternative; and turned-out to be one of the greatest international captains anyone can remember. 

Working with essentially the same group of players - and supported by a new coach who he gets on well with (New Zealander Brendon McCullum); Stokes has converted England from a team that almost never wins, to a team that almost never loses

England Test Match Cricket record since 2021 




Starting from 2021 - Joe Root: WWWLLLDLDLWLWLLLDLDDL... 

From Summer 2022 - Ben Stokes: ...WWWWLWWW

Several of these victories - such as that today in Pakistan - have been among the most remarkable in Test Match history; and done while playing an extremely exciting, sportsmanlike - and happy! - style of cricket. 

Such is the difference made by a great leader (which, obviously, includes the power to do what needs to be done)

Imagine, now, what might have been possible if such leadership had been introduced and supported in other areas of institutional life! 

(Well, actually you don't need to imagine: there is a current real life example, but not in The West: I mean the Fire Nation.) 


Adam said...

And at the same time the Australian cricket team has a captain that is full woke as they literally bend their knees to their black betters.

And, surprise they either losing or just managing to not lose.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Adam - The England side also have a pathetic record on that score I'm sorry to say.

(And, in fact, Pakistan - today's losers - are the world exemplars in resisting woke, never having done any of these evil stunts, so far as I know. Good for them!)

The players are, of course, contractually compelled to bend the knee (and humiliate themselves in other woke causes) or be sacked (as happened with South Africa's De Koch - he refused to kneel, then had to 'repent' and grovel to be allowed to play, at all, anywhere, ever again - lucky (?) for him he is so talented and irreplaceable they were prepared to reinstate him).

I think the difference is that Australia *really mean it*. Cummins is probably the greatest quick bowler of his generation in the world, truly brilliant - but as captain he will kill Australia's cricket, because he puts the cricket firmly in second place.

For the first time in many years, I am looking forward to The Ashes with confidence!