Tuesday 6 December 2022

The superficiality, triviality and short-term expediency of Western Elites

Yesterday I listened to a video in which political commenters Gonzalo Lira and Alexander Mercouris were discussing the Western Elites - i.e. the leadership class: and how they had declined, across about half a century, to the current very low level of superficiality and short-termism. 

GL and AM were not able to link this symptom to its spiritual roots - although they did sense that the phenomenon was due to the Western leaders (especially) actually being not true leaders but puppets of globalists, whose loyalty was to these globalists rather than to their nations. 

(i.e. Western 'leaders' are in truth merely middle managers; in a world-wide bureaucracy of which the masses are ignorant of the identities of the genuine leaders. Their middle manegrial role is, indeed, evident in the personalities and (ahem...) capabilities of Western national leaders.)

But GL and AM did a good job of describing those symptoms; and others, such a total incapacity even to understand other world views (instead projecting their own extremely cynical selfishness onto everyone else - such that genuine patriotism, religiousness, and long-termism are utterly invisible), their dishonesty, and their complete absence of any vision or purpose for their societies. 

The division of the world nations that has been triggered by the Fire Nation war has revealed that this collapse of leadership is a mostly Western phenomenon. 

AM described the stark difference in attitudes and priorities between the two sides of the recent international divide that is evident nowadays, whenever world leaders gather to meet and plan. 

He says that the disgust and disdain of the non-Western leaders for the trivial 'showbiz' antics of their Western equivalents is plain, and increasing. 

What GL and AM both miss, as I said, is that the problem goes much deeper than incompetence, lack of empathy and covertly misplaced loyalties; and deeper also than the corruption of the Western mass populations. 

The problem is that the Western elites serve powers that are, or are themselves, actively evil

They are not merely misguided, insensible and self-deceiving; leading unintentionally to bad outcomes -- instead the Western elites actually desire and seek bad outcomes. 

Many among the elite desire to make the whole world a totalitarian uni-state of omni-surveillance and micro-controlled behaviour and thinking. 

And increasing numbers of them are personally-motivated by sheerly destructive spite directed against their (ever expanding list of) enemies.  

Indeed, the elite 'morality' (such as it is) is an inversion of reality and truth - they want a world of lies, ugliness and sin; of mass suffering, fear, resentment and despair (i.e. they want this for others). 

Thus even astute and critical secular analysts such as GL and (especially) AM; are actually blind to the most important things in the world; in the sense that they sense the surface ripples, but are unable to identify the deep currents that cause them...

Because the currents that drive material change in the world - globally, nationally, locally, personally - are themselves spiritual in their origins and purposes.

Note added: I should make clear that, so far as I can tell, all of the nations of the world are on the same downward path towards the agenda of evil; but at different rates, and some nations are much further along that path than others. 

During this past calendar year, there has apparently been a small but significant and hopeful reversal of down-sliding in the Fire Nation. This is due to three decades, and continuing, of Orthodox Christian revival; bringing movement towards the earlier Byzantine polity of (aimed-at) harmony and integration between State and Church

If so; this process has a long way to go before a stable, top-down, Christianly-led social structure is achieved... If indeed such an atavistic restoration is possible - given the evolutionary development of Man's consciousness towards individuality of agency and personal responsibility for salvation and theosis. 

Such a reversal toward 'medieval' structures is not possible in The West, I am sure. We surely need to embrace Romantic Christianity and aim at Final Participation; if we are to avoid mass spiritual damnation. However, it may be that other peoples have a different destiny.  


Jacob Gittes said...

Thank you for this refreshing look at "secular" analysts that I actually also watch once in a while. I like GL (and AM). I have a sense that GL may realize the limitiations of the secular outlook, but maybe just isn't quite ready to "go there." But bright and insightful secular analysis does give us evidence of the spiritual battle going on, and you wove that in nicely.

I too get tired of the statement that they Western elites are just stupid and incompetent, and purely driven by short-termism and greed. There's obviously something much deeper going on.

I have to admit to some purely personal hopium that the Fire Nation may discover a path towards non-destruction of society and civilization. I also know that I personally have to stick with RC and personal spiritual growth. What at time!

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jacob - I suppose it boils down to what modern Man can sustain, on a person by person but sufficiently large scale basis. If mM *really* desire to live in that semi-communal 'medieval' trad spiritual fashion, and to immerse his individuality in the group and to take spiritual discernments on authority; and if the authorities ('elites') sincerely live in accordance with their perceptions of the divine - then of course it could happen. Why not? But I don't think that mM in the West really wants this, in his heart - so it can't happen here. We must continue down the path of individuality, but (in sufficient numbers) each voluntarily and consciously align with God and creation... And see what come of That (because we cannot know about the material consequences until after the spiritual step has been made).