Tuesday 27 December 2022

Could the high prevalence of modern innate social and sexual dysfunction be part of the divine plan? An idea from commenter "ben"

It occurs to me that the purpose of the industrial revolution was to prepare the way for a mass of souls that couldn't survive in a pre-industrial revolution world. 

The modern social/sexual dysfunction should be seen as part of the nature of these souls, and not as some sort of addition to them surrounding but not bound-up with their nature. 

The system of incarnation ceases to function, but this is just a practical issue - their mal/anti-adaptiveness is merely an interpretation from biology of what's actually their nature (from before incarnation). 

So the mutation accumulation situation was actually intended as part of the plan of salvation - the mutation allows for the incarnation of these modern people. 

The industrial revolution both allows for their incarnation, and provides for them once they're born, so they can go through mortal life.

Idea from regular commenter ben


Bruce Charlton said...

@ben - I find this is an interesting, thought-provoking, and somewhat convincing idea.

I agree with your basic assumptions - that the industrial revolution has led to the survival of many who could not survive in pre-industrial times, especially in the most developed nations (where average childhood mortality has dropped from more than half, to about one percent since 1800).

By the spread of the industrial revolution, and its consequences, world population has increased from one billion in 1800 (and this was the maximum through world history since the spread of agriculture) to seven-plus billion now and still growing.

Consequently, a very large proportion of what would have been genetically unfit (dysfunctional) people now survive - and, to some extent, reproduce. Indeed, there is a strong *inverse* relationship between average fertility (births per woman) and factors such as health, longevity, intelligence, conscientiousness and - in general - social functionality - which means that those who reproduce the most are, on average, what would have been the least genetically fit, the most dysfunctional.

I think it likely that the consequent, generation upon generation accumulation of deleterious genetic mutations, is what lies behind the dysfunctional social and sexual behaviours so characteristic of our times - since social and sexual adaptations are the most sensitive adaptations, and (broadly, on average) the first adaptations to be affected by random mutations.

Now - moving away from science; we assume that God is the creator, and that major trends would not be allowed unless they were at least *compatible* with His plans for creation - and, in particular, with the need for souls to be incarnated into specific situations (familial, societal, environmental etc) where they may achieve salvation and attain theosis.

Furthermore, since I believe that there is a pre-mortal spirit phase of Man's life, before our mortal incarnation; each incarnated soul is unique, and some souls have innate traits that are hostile to salvation and theosis.

Yet God loves all His children, and wishes to allow as many as possible the chance to incarnate and experience this mortal life.

In sum, therefore, it may be that the Industrial Revolution was encouraged, or allowed to happen, to provide at least a Chance for souls who could not otherwise have lived much beyond conception or birth - on the basis that the biological deficits are (in some indirect way) related to spiritual aspects ("an interpretation from biology of what's actually their nature (from before incarnation)".

So, social and sexual dysfunction *may* (sometimes) be the kind of problems that these particular souls most need to wrestle-with, in order to provide their best chance spiritually.

Similarly, in the past, it may have been that souls were incarnated and survived whose best chance was more to do with the problems of high prevalence in ancient societies.

It is Not that the social/ sexual deficits and problems are 'good' in themselves - but that there are different kinds of challenge which it is best for different kind of souls to confront - in order to give them the best chance of choosing salvation, and learning the spiritual lessons of this world.

Epimetheus said...

Fascinating idea! Possible also that sexually dysfunctional (sterile) people are intended to congregate into non-biological families, like the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy movies depict, and that this is driven by the misinterpreted "free love" instinct that sparked up in the 60s. Free love doesn't mean free sex, it means the kind of free love that families have, where the members make no formal commitment or vows, they just love each other.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Epi - Yes - mostly the wrong choices were made in the 1960s when confronted by the underlying changes of 'human consciousness'; but the underlying changes happened for valid reasons, and there was the possibility and hope of right choices.

And there still is.

ben said...

To make it more succinct than I did:

*The industrial revolution is both creating mutant genomes that receive evil(ly-inclined) souls for incarnation, and at the same time, providing sufficiently mild material conditions for these souls' survival.*

I suppose there's also new material opportunity for these souls to explore their evil desires, with all the technological advances allowing for what wouldn't otherwise be possible. It's as though God is allowing evil souls to make hell with and for themselves.

a_probst said...

Nothing in this schema that we'd want a half-cocked pedagogue to go run with.

Bruce Charlton said...

@a-p - I've heard that half-cocked pedagogues spend most of their leisure hours reading and discussing this blog.

But such is the nature of 'influence' in this world nowadays - only the bad can thrive - or else the good thrives only by being understood as bad.

I have written 'influential' articles a few times over the past 35 years, and however good or bad the idea may have been to begin-with, they were twisted into something bad in the process of being taken-up.