Saturday 31 December 2022

Ten days into this New Year - the year of civilizational collapse

It has become a (dreaded) annual tradition for me to say something snarky about the (so-called) "New Year"

This past one has been dominated by the Fire Nation war - the start of World War Three. The escalation has been all-but one sided; with the Western powers making some of the most outrageous and gratuitous provocations imaginable, and the Fire nation (in particular their leader) demonstrating astonishing restraint while building vital alliances that prevent the FN's isolation when (not if) the pressure for escalation becomes irresistible. 

This coming year will be, I predict, the year of civilizational collapse in The West - and by collapse I mean an irreversible and accelerating process of breakdown towards chaos. 

Yet, of course, such collapse will be deniable - and indeed denied - probably by a majority of the population. 

One mode of denial will surely be to re-conceptualize and explain-away civilizational collapse as the consequence of war - hence alleged (unprovoked!) foreign aggression. 

But other pretend rationales will potentially be wheeled-out such as climate emergency/ breakdown, Birdemic 2.0, epidemics of "died suddenly" syndrome, explosions of pseudo-racism, or any of a selection of engineered (and faked) crises. 

This will (probably - of course I don't really know!) happen because it is ever-more obvious that the "Sorathic" powers of spiteful-destructive evil are ever-more dominant in The West - and are not being recognized as such, but instead ignored and excused by nearly everybody. 

Of course there is also colossal destruction from short-termist profiteering on an unprecedented scale, which is amplified by deliberately-constructed incompetence of leadership personnel (which has become so extreme, and so endemic, that people have ceased to notice that there we are well into the consequences of an active process of selection of known-incompetent thoroughly-corrupted leaders in (I think) all Western nations). 

So, those who are ultimately holding greatest power in The West and who knowingly want evil-destruction; are less-and-less trammeled by the presence of anyone who might desire to oppose them, or be able to oppose them. 

Collapse is just a question of time; and (since the underlying situation is deteriorating) the longer delayed, the more rapid and extreme it will be. 

While this is, of course, a bit of a worry; it ought not be a cause of fear - not if we reflect that fear is a sin, and that the mandatory Christian virtues include faith (trust in God) and hope (assurance of ultimate Good). 

Yet we must recall that faith and hope are directed at the spirit and eternity, hence mostly post-mortal resurrected life. The absolute assurances of faith and hope ought Not to be directed at the material circumstances of this finite mortal life.    

Luckily for Christians; we are not dependent on the general, civilizational circumstances of this earthly existence. 

But we do have a job to do; and that is to understand, discern, and choose

That is, to know Good from evil; to locate and to take the side of Good.  

This need not be a problem, unless we insist upon being directed by external, this worldly, merely-human influences. 

So long as we are prepared to take responsibility for our own salvation and theosis, to work things out for our-selves; there will no shortage of help, guidance and comfort from divine sources and by means of the active work of God's creation in the world and our-selves. 


My name is Matt said...

I strongly disagree. The disentegration of the interdependent globalist system would certainly be best for souls - it would be an act of mercy as it would eliminate the chance for Mankind to slip into further evil. It pains me to say it but this would be the most humane option, and is thus highly unlikely to come to pass for many long years.

Instead, I suspect somebody evilly motivated but competent will be put in charge. With modern HR systems it would then be trivially easy for the current crop of incompetent middle managers to be flushed out (and quickly!) and replaced with evilly competent counterparts.

Sadly, the evil empire has just begun to hit it's stride.

Bruce Charlton said...

@MniM - Not sure what you disagree with.

My name is Matt said...

@Dr Charlton, pardon me I am not nearly as good with written word as you..  

The few remaining vestiges of Western Civilization were on life support at the beginning of 2020. Then under the guise of the birdemic, the old empire was completely snuffed out in March 2020. Heralding the beginning of the new regime.

Thus, I contend that there will be no further civilizational collapse - because it collapsed entirely in March of 2020. Nothing of the Was-Christendom remains now at the end of 2022.

Furthermore, I contend there will not be mass chaos, death, and physical destruction starting in 2023, because this would greatly reduce the amount of despair and voluntary damnation that the parasitic forces of evil strongly prefer to feed on. The chaos will not be allowed to spiral out of control, but tightly managed, perhaps brutally managed, for the maximum rate of return whose dividends pay in despair and voluntary damnation. 

They will not allow their (previously unimaginably huge for most of creation's history) potential crop of nearly 8 billion souls to 'wither on the vine' and die. Instead, the evil beings will use their supernatural cunning and cleverness to extract maximum long term yield from these souls, or even greatly increase the number of potential souls on the planet.

If the Sorathic powers were capable of exerting their will without restraint, we would of seen their triumph already. There will still be infighting amoungst the various factions of evil, but on the whole we will begin to see them cooperate as never before.

Unless providence intervenes, there will be no collapse of any kind.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Matt - I'm not sure we disagree much about the current situation, except in terms of definitions:

I would also agree that the totalitarians who made the coup do not *want* to collapse the world system of economics, finance, trade, transport etc. - for the reasons you say: The System is a very effective machine for damnation.

Nonetheless, collapse is what I believe Will happen; because of the nature of evil, and that it becomes (from its own internal logic, as it were) more dishonest - until it can't help itself (and dishonesty destroys functionality); and more short-termist, and the individual evil Beings become more selfishly spiteful and care less about the group-strategy.

So the System will destroy itself from a lethal blend of incompetence, self destruction, and the break-down of cooperation among the leadership into the conflict of each against all.

I am confident that the Fire Nation war was not part of the plan. The world was meant to be a single totalitarian System - and indeed it was in 2020. Now that System has fractured, and the situation in general in no longer under control.

This is not admitted by the leaders of the System, who always pretend (lying to themselves as well as everybody else) everything is according to plan - whatever happens. But - whatever They think - my evaluation is that the System established by the coup is already broken, and getting worse.

By collapse, therefore, I mean actual collapse of the System. This has not happened yet, or else we would not be exchanging these communications.

Daniel said...

Ever since a few years ago that i've started to put question marks on everything, even the so called public health system, which we so much revere, without which the average life expectancy would be, i believe, half of what it is today given the particular level of violence of this civilization.
Like you both said, it needs souls to operate, it needs their attention, their reverence, their energy. That's how 'The Machine' feeds on us, by captivating us, capturing our attention to suck our energies, seducing us with material goods and vapid amusement.
To accomplish that it must keep us alive for as long as possible.
Charles Eisenstein observed quite accurately that the public health system is primarily concerned in keeping the body alive, disregarding everything else: we must be functioning productive-consumerist members of society.

The longer we live, the longer it can use us. We literally live on life support systems for the benefit of a huge absolutely diabolical Machine.

My name is Matt said...

@Dr Charlton, I understand your position much more clearly now. I am grateful for this exchange, thank you.

William Wildblood said...

I agree with you both because I think you pretty much agree with each other! If complete collapse was what the demons wanted it would have happened by now but, as you say, the current world of atheistic materialism in which God is either denied or tamed to become a servant of the System is ideal for spiritual damnation which is what they really desire. However, because evil always negates it will eventually negate even what serves it and sooner or later collapse will happen. It's not hard to see the process is already underway though it may take a long time to develop fully.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Daniel - As you know, I am an ex-insider to medicine and health care; and (much like science) I think it has (for a couple of decades, at least) reached a point where nearly all new changes and discoveries are net-harmful to health.

So I don't think They are actually succeeding in keeping us alive - whether they want to or not. For instance, the birdemic measures undoubtedly did harm to health and caused many deaths - and probably did no good whatsoever.

But very old people, especially those with dementia, have had their lives extended considerably over the past decades. Partly by medical means (eg blood pressure treatments), partly by actively treating people who, in the past, would have been 'kept comfortable' and allowed nature to take its course (ie. death from bronchopneumonia), and partly by 'social care' and changes in housing - so that people are kept warm, fed and watered in situations when old people would have stopped looking after themselves.

But spiritually, also, there is a great fear of death and a clinging to life (at any cost) among the present generation of the elderly.

Still, all of this may be changing rapidly. Officialdom (and the evil masters behind it) is getting very keen on killing people - so long as they can be confident that those who die are in despair and are likely to reject salvation (which must surely be usual, if behaviour is any guide). health services in the UK are rapidly, deliberately, being destroyed; and so is the economy - which will undoubtedly shorted life.

Then there is the peck - which must be harmful on a big scale, although I am still uncertain how much and how exactly (because I don't believe 99% of recently published medical research, and I can't be sure of which is the 1% that is valid!). Probably we will never know this with any degree of accuracy, since we will need to rely on our personal experiences only.

In other words, many aspects of evil-leftism that have been on the go for decades, are now changing. Whatever happened to pacifism, for example? Lifelong lefty pacifists are currently the most reckless and sadistic of warmongers!

Daniel said...

@Bruce Charlton
I agree, the Machine is no longer concerned in keeping us alive: child mortality is rising (specially in the Evil Empire HQ - the US) and life expectancy is declining. Although i believe that may have been the goal at a given time. Maybe because it doesn't need us anymore or thought of a 'better' use for us.
As you pointed out several times, civilizational collapse is underway.
The Machine is indeed collapsing. I see collapse not as something sudden, like a cliff. I see it more like a descending flight of stairs: for each step there's a drop, and a period of relative stabilization, followed by another drop - each period of stabilization is shorter and shorter, and each drop is deeper and deeper.

As for the left i don't see it as pacifist. Looking at history with enough attention, progressive/leftist 'revolutions' always made way for the Machine, i.e. more bureaucratic/computerized control. That pacifism existed only in discourse.
Now, it's completely demented. A symptom of its impending doom?