Thursday 1 December 2022

No Good Jobs anymore... The impossibility of Doing Good in a general, vocational or socio-political fashion

I can recall as a teenager trying to choose a future career, with the idea of picking one where I would Do Good. I had a short-list of supposedly-Good jobs, that included being a doctor, a research scientist and creative artist. 

I became a doctor eventually, later a research scientist, studied English literature (explicitly trying to work with a creative kind of criticism and scholarship), and did some (more-or-less) creative writing on a frequent basis. 

All of which, serially, made me realize that these once-Good works were - at least in the late 20th-early 21st century - not really about doing Good. 

What Good these social activities did was partial, temporary, declining, and even (increasingly) inverting into net-harm. 

And anyway, from an atheist-materialist basis, there is no real Good that can be done - since Good is arbitrary and subject to redefinition and reversal. People can be made happier or more fulfilled... at a price, to some extent and for a brief time. 

Human suffering may be alleviated - but only somewhat and temporarily (because everybody dies, and some problems are too hard to solve) - and often at the cost of increased suffering in the long-term, or for other people. 

In sum; there is no path by which humans can really-do real-Good; and almost all of those who mistakenly believe their is such a path and they themselves are following it; can easily be seen (from a Christian perspective) to be on the side of evil - and doing actual harm to themselves and others. 

For example I mean those (mostly leftists) who are 'active' in political causes, charitable causes, 'health' services', 'education', Law and (pseudo-) science. 

These are - often - obedient servants of evil; whose corruption is so extreme that they have inverted their values; such that creating suffering, encouraging sin, inducing fear and despair, deleting meaning and purpose from life - all such actual evils have come to be seen as positive and constructive acts. 

Because the world of public discourse and institution is so corrupt and evil-affiliated; then there is no objective and material Good that anyone can follow - not even in the Christian churches. 

It was once the case that working for a decent church was genuine Good Work; but now the major churches (of the kind one can work for) are significantly (and increasingly) assimilated to the agenda of evil; and have taken on several or all of the core Litmus Test policies of strategic totalitarian corruption and value-inversion. 

All significant institutions of The West are corrupt and 'converged' - so that serving the institutional churches (by church-focused evangelism, church development and foundation etc.) are nowadays Not ways of Doing-Good. 

We may still Do Good in The West; but not by taking up the cause, or following the path, of any pre-established Institution: there are no longer any 'Good jobs' or careers. 

We must do Good starting from our-selves and with guidance from the Holy Ghost

We must, in other words, mostly work it out for ourselves; and any advice we choose to follow, requires to be selected and discerned - and not accepted on the basis of institutional provenance. 

Consequently, it would be expected that people who are really Doing Good will be doing specific and personal Good; therefore may potentially be found in a wide variety of places and situations (including a wide variety of churches)...

And such people are less and less likely to be concentrated in particular social niches/ institutions/ jobs/ religions/ denominations/ or congregations. 

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Sasha Melnik said...

I was inspired by the Meditations for this comment so, read into that what you will...

Planning to 'do good' is a disgustingly contrived goal these days. Anything like this is system-captured and the results will be laden with disappointment for those who have any god-given sense.

But we might do the right thing in the moment, but that isn't "good", that's our natural duty, our duty that we might be in fact 'be good'.