Thursday 1 December 2022

For Heaven's sake, this is not an accident! "They" are doing it on purpose!

No matter how much evidence, every particle of it pointing in the same direction; and no matter that nothing is ever learned from failures, disastrous policies are never repented nor reversed - still the majority of people (including intellectuals and commenters of the 'secular Right') continue and continue to explain the approaching catastrophe and mass death in terms of stupid mistakes, lack of foresight, self-deception...

It is literally incredible to see each and every item of the news and planning subjected to individual microscopic analysis of its flaws and illogic, extrapolations of its dangers, and the sufferings it will inflict - without ever putting together these hundreds upon hundreds of items to see the obvious pattern and the simple motivation behind them: to do evil, to cause pain, to kill...

And above all to induce Men to choose damnation en masse - from fear, resentment, despair, and the inversion of true values.  

This is a spiritual war; and evil has the upper hand in The World. 

It really is absolutely as simple as that. 

As Rudolf Steiner pointed-out a century ago: atheism is an illness, specifically a mental illness - a form of insanity. And if you cannot perceive the global spiritual war and the purposive evil of the Establishment; then you too are actually an atheist and are literally-insane - whatever religious affiliation you may affect or identify-with. 


Jack said...

I fully concur, but I also believe there *is* a level in which they aren't doing it on purpose...
There's nothing I find more boring or trivial than Machiavellian politics or, as they say, "geopolitics". I was just reading a dissident right-wing look at "geopolitical strategy" and it's the same childish board game nonsense as ever. The irony is that these are the people who consider themselves the most high level, important, broad, cutting edge, etc., of thinkers. Imagine how important these people must feel when they sit down together at some boardroom and then go on to advise presidents and prime ministers. They must think they rule the world...
The inability to look beyond "strategy", the inability to see the state of the world as anything higher than a "power struggle", the inability to see the transcendental and divine forces that lie in and beyond the world, and instead to judge everything by material conditions and causes — this is the mental trap that our "elites" have put themselves in today, and so of course they are evil... Because it's an evil game they are playing. They have no reverence, no piety, no faith. They don't understand what the ancients understood—that prayer and religion has much more to do with the upholding of human society than "strategy".
Because they are stuck in this mindset they are bound to make inhumane, crass, and stupid decisions that are harmful to people on an enormous scale. They can't see beyond Ahriman's fist waving itself in their faces. They live in perpetual fear.
That's why I say that, to a certain extent, they *don't* intend or mean it. They are like children trying to hold the world together by childish means, which they themselves consider awfully grown up. Now, there are definitely a *few* sinister, esoteric thinkers who do know what they're doing and really are cooperating with the evil forces of the likes of Ahriman and Lucifer. These aren't children, they're maturely evil—at least by the standards of present humanity. The Machiavellian simpletons are their pawns... However, although these ones have the upper hand in the world today, I hardly consider them invincible or their victory inevitable. As Steiner pointed out, there is a counter force on the good side he called Michaelic, and there are good souls cooperating with that stream, sometimes in a small way (like my dad who's lived a humble existence as a father and steelworker), and sometimes in a big way (like people who see the state of the world and dedicate their whole lives to prayer and meditation and works of charity). C S Lewis allegorised this exceptionally well in That Hideous Strength, in which he correctly put forward a small inner core of real devil worshippers, and a larger outer core of useful idiots and bureaucrats.
I understand your frustration at people who can't see the malevolence of our political leaders. But we have to distinguish this at no fewer than three levels. The level of "political correctness", "public consensus", the "Overton window", the media... This is the naive level most people are operating on. Then above that, the level of the Machiavellian schemers or "strategists" who look on that previous level as a load of pious nonsense with which to manipulate the public while they do the hard, busy work of maintaining order. (However, we shouldn't underestimate just how muddled the mind of the average politician is, and how the vast majority of them think on both these levels simultaneously because they are confused and unable to make clear distinctions.) Then there's the level of the demonic initiates who really intend harm, compared to whom the Machiavellian schemers are childish and innocent. What's characteristic of this last group is that they operate in total darkness. You won't find the words and documents of the Machiavellians in the media, but you can find them online, in academic journals, etc. You can't really find any record of this last group though, only their traces. These people are so evil that the childishness of the other two groups doesn't concern me much directly.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jack. Good comment.

Of course, the analysis can be made as complex as we want; but the danger is that there is no clear end to it; and clear understanding may be lost.

But the net effect is very simple, and this tells us - as you describe - that we are dealing with very few (or perhaps one) individual who is 'behind it all'; who is purposively, and with self awareness, motivated to evil.

You expressed very well the 'total darkness' from which these beings operate; which, for the mass of low level servants of evil, is an excuse for not believing their reality.

All the rest, all the layers and mixtures of insane, idiots, dupes, clever-sillies, the distracted, the short-termist selfish, the hedonists, the sadists, etc etc - but these are, in effect, merely expressive of this unified will.

It boils down to which side we affiliate to: God, or against-God.

ben said...

Can you feel it? The calm before the storm

Jeffrey Cantrell said...

It also boils down to the utter lack of manly men. In the face of this obvious spiritual attack of pure evil, it is either safer to discuss it (paralysis by analysis) or explain it away rather to do something about it. The doing is the hard bit. Doing can range from writing thoughtful articles to help awaken the general population to speaking up publicly to leading men in battle. The correct course of action varies according to the individual's temperament. As George Patton supposedly said, Battles are not won by people sitting is swivel chairs.

Jeffrey Cantrell said...

Mr. Wildblood,
I agree fully. As archbishop Vigano said, there can be no neutrals in this struggle. If you are not working for good, you are working for evil. Unfortunately, very few people are willing to tell this truth. Thank you!

chris moffatt said...

Just because they are evil doesn't mean that they aren't also stupid. As examples I give you Annalena Baerbock, Ursula von der Leyen, Klaus Schwab, Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, Victoria Nuland, Antony Blinken and hundreds, if not thousands more, but especially Juval Hariri.

Bruce Charlton said...

@cm - Just because they are stupid, doesn't mean they aren't also evil.

And if you are evil, and in power, then you will always do harm (except by accident).

My point is that 'stupidity' is a distraction, and almost irrelevant in the world today.

Being 'stupid' is not a bar to being a *reasonable* leader - IF your motivations are good, and if you are capable of learning from experience. Plenty of *good* but not-very-intelligent monarchs of the past did a reasonable job.

Plus, some on your list are highly intelligent - Boris Johnson, for instance, who I have happen to have met and talked with for several hours: I would guess is (or was then) of extremely high IQ. By stupid you presumably mean something more like 'unwise' - which is certainly true.

But in some cases even that is false - because the national/ multinational-institutional leadership class are aiming at 1. personally-profitable but 2. evil outcomes - such as poverty, social breakdown, misery and death, destruction and chaos... And they mostly do a pretty good job of attaining both objectives.