Sunday 18 December 2022

From "adverts are the Best thing on TV" - to Only Bad TV adverts

Although commercials are clearly a 'minor' art-form, at best; in the UK it used often to be said - from the 1970s and up to around the millennium - that "the adverts are the best thing on TV". 

This was not literally true; but certainly the best adverts were masterpieces of their kind; almost miraculous in their compression, and variety; and one of the best modern directors - Ridley Scott - began by making some iconic TV ads.  

They were also very effective at selling their product. 

Indeed, it was precisely that they needed to sell the product, which made them so effective. Constraints of this kind are good for art - just as Shakespeare was the most popular playwright of his day. 

Nowadays - not only are there zero good adverts, there are only bad adverts. 

TV commercials are not merely un-enjoyable, but actively unpleasant to experience. 

Why? because they are not even trying to sell the product; but are always, and primarily, trying to operate as propaganda for the evil value-inversions of the globalist Establishment. 

Indeed - this is mandatory as a bureaucratically-imposed factor in their corporate role: advertising political correctness, the leftist-woke ideology, is the core institutional role of modern commercials and PR. 

And bureaucratic imperatives are not, and never can be, the basis for high quality, or or even enjoy-ability in anything; because bureaucracy is intrinsically evil - and evil is ugly, as well as dishonest.   


whitney said...

Yeah the commercials are really something and now seeing that the only commercials that feature exclusively white people are either anti-natalist or for assisted suicide. Wow!

Bruce Charlton said...

@w - Ha!

You might enjoy this, from 12 March 2012:

I sometimes like to analyse the scores of advertising, propaganda and publicity posters, which bespatter the places I live and work.

It is clear that the people who make and deploy posters don't have much use for white men.


The rule is that if a single face is shown on a poster it must be a woman or an ethnic man.

If there is a sufficiently large group (about six or more) it is permissible to show a white man, so long as he is not the central 'character' and is surrounded by women and ethnic men.


Are white men then useless for poster designers?


Look carefully: there are some posters which deploy a single white man.

Indeed, I found three such posters in my survey sample - single face, white man.

Two posters depicted people who were identified as suffering from serious psychiatric illness, the third depicted a person identified as criminally insane.


So white men do have their uses!

If you need to depict somebody low status, evil, or in a miserable state - then a white man is perfect for the job.

Indeed, it has to be a white man - because to use a poster featuring a single woman or an ethnic man to depict somebody non-admirable is clearly unacceptable.


Great News! For so long as there is need to represent solitary and specific evil or misery - then for so long white men will be allowed to retain a place in the media.

Daniel said...

@Bruce Charlton Society is indeed in a advanced state of decomposition. I'm still not sure what they are playing at exactly, although i have my suspicions, but it certainlly is not for the benefit of women or ethnic men.
Rudolf Steiner said many things that could be plainly wrong, others, should get a very careful interpretation, but it seems he was right when he said Europe will be a field of ruins. It really seems to have gone in that direction.

There's this quote, from an Essene (esoteric christian) whose channel on youtube is of the utmost interest: ''if society is decomposing, and indeed it is, it's because it's already dead. Because only corpses decompose.''

a_probst said...

"...only corpses decompose."

That reminds me of a meme someone posted that said our society is like a corpse being eaten by maggots. Liberals root for maggots, conservatives for the corpse.